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    I’ve tried every single variation I’ve found in the documentation and forums, but I still can’t get the store image to show up in the bubble when you click a location. Here is what I’m trying currently:

    <span id="slp_bubble_img">[slp_location image wrap img]</span>

    Is there something I’m doing wrong? How can I make this work?



    Store Locator Plus:4.5.06

    Contact Extender:4.3.02


    Extended Data Manager:4.5.01


    Pro Pack:4.5



    This Info Cached:1472563569

    WordPress Version:4.5.3

    Network Active:No

    Site URL:


    MySQL Version:5.5.5

    PHP Version:5.6.24


    PHP Limit:256M

    WordPress General Limit:40M

    WordPress Admin Limit:256M

    PHP Peak RAM:56 MB

    PHP Post Max Size:50M




    Hi Trenton,

    I had to do a few changes myself to get an assigned image to be shown in the info map bubble. My Plugin environment, all versions are 4.6 (SLP, POWER, EXPERIENCE and Premier. )

    1) Load your images into your WP media library

    2) Copy your  WP  url into your location under the  Image field….(make sure to have  the correct file path)

    3) Be sure to Resize it to be thumbnail or modify it to fit into your map bubble

    4)  I use  the default Map info bubble layout code, unless you have a specific setting in there, clear out your mao info bubble and update it will update to the default. If you do have some special layout settings, save your map bubble layout in a file for easy access to be able to copy and paste.

    <div id=”slp_info_bubble_[slp_location id]” class=”slp_info_bubble [slp_location featured]”>

    <span id=”slp_bubble_name”><strong>[slp_location name  suffix  br]</strong></span>

    <span id=”slp_bubble_address”>[slp_location address       suffix  br]</span>

    <span id=”slp_bubble_address2″>[slp_location address2      suffix  br]</span>

    <span id=”slp_bubble_city”>[slp_location city          suffix  comma]</span>

    <span id=”slp_bubble_state”>[slp_location state suffix    space]</span>

    <span id=”slp_bubble_zip”>[slp_location zip suffix  br]</span>

    <span id=”slp_bubble_country”><span id=”slp_bubble_country”>[slp_location country       suffix  br]</span></span> <span id=”slp_bubble_directions”>[html br ifset directions]

    [slp_option label_directions wrap directions]</span>

    <span id=”slp_bubble_website”>[html br ifset url][slp_location web_link][html br ifset url]</span>

    <span id=”slp_bubble_email”>[slp_location email         wrap    mailto ][slp_option label_email ifset email][html closing_anchor ifset email][html br ifset email]</span>

    <span id=”slp_bubble_phone”>[html br ifset phone]

    <span class=”location_detail_label”>[slp_option   label_phone   ifset   phone]</span>[slp_location phone         suffix    br]</span><span id=”slp_bubble_fax”><span class=”location_detail_label”>[slp_option   label_fax     ifset   fax  ]</span>[slp_location fax           suffix    br]<span>

    <span id=”slp_bubble_description”><span id=”slp_bubble_description”>[html br ifset description][slp_location description raw]</span>[html br ifset description]</span><span id=”slp_bubble_hours”>[html br ifset hours]<span class=”location_detail_label”>[slp_option   label_hours   ifset   hours]</span><span class=”location_detail_hours”>[slp_location hours         suffix    br]</span></span>

    <span id=”slp_bubble_img”>[html ifset img] [slp_location image         wrap    img]</span>

    <span id=”slp_tags”>[slp_location tags]</span></div>




    P.S. Your SLP Plugin and add-ons  are outdated. .= See versions.

    ProPack 4.5 needs to be updated to at least 4.5.07 , that requires you to log onto  your SLP account and download the version that is there 4.5.07,then in your WP admin panel under plugins ,  deactivate and delete 4.5 and uploade, unzip  4.5.07. Otherwise ProPack will not work with SLP versions 4.5.08 and above. Ditto with Tagalong, these are outdated as well.

    Or you could just  upgrade (which you really should do) since : your legacy add-ons are now included in the POWER add-on version 4.6 (4.6.1 about to be released.  If you aren’t sure what replaces what, see the FAQ in DOCS

    Pages:4.4.07 Pro Pack:4.5 and Tagalong:4.4.03

    If you do not update please note there will be no future version releases, nor maintenance nor support for the legacy add-ons. To get a coupon for a discount on those legacy to be applied to Power, consider taking the hosting survey and requesting the coupon at the end of the survey. Since you also have Extended Data Manager and  the Experience Add-on, I would  consider purchasing the  Premier subscription which replaces ALL your add-ons with the latest versions, provides you with all the  add-ons, functionality, and features not available to others, plus access to PREMIER forum support. That is the best value by far for our customers who are Power users with a lot of our add-ons. You can also request a coupon off the set-up fee for that add-on, be sure to mention you already have EXP and the rest of those add-ons to get the best discount.



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