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    Hello, I am using the SLP Plus plugin and have a Premier subscription. I use Sucuri to scan my sites for issues and they keep warning me that the SLP plugin has severe unpatched vulnerabilities and advise me to remove it immediately saying it is a security risk. They cited this article:

    Please help. I do not want to remove your plugin, but site security is a high priority for me. Please advise when this will be patched and fixed, if at all?

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    The author has addressed all of these security vulnerabilities but WordPress has yet to resist. Please refer to the Authors NEWS notices with the changes.

    Because WordPress has not  re-listed, you will need to upload the Basic Plugin found under your account /Downloads (since you have a current premier subscription it is included under your downloads no extra charge) and manually install it.  Current version is 5.12.xx


    See the authors Notes regarding the latest  most recent  updates




    Java Script and Security Improvements


    WordPress  and First of many  SLP Updates 

    If you need further assistance regarding your account status please contact support.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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