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    I am running WP 4.4.2 and attached is a screenshot of the plugins running on the site.

    My location map is running on this page:

    I would like to be able set the order that categories appear in the dropdown. The user can select Bronze, Silver or Gold but as they appear alphabetically they are showing as Bronze, Gold, Silver.

    I understand there are options to rank results and also rank by count but don’t think is relevant to this situation.

    I believe I read on the forum – although I can ‘t find it now – that it is the category slug that is alphabetised but that doesn’t match with my experience of testing (initially using 1-gold, 2-silver, 3-bronze and then tried a-gold, b-silver, c-bronze).

    I’ve also tested to see if the date created affects the order and it doesn’t appear to as a new ‘a’ category title appears at the beginning and a new ‘z’ title appears at the end. It definitely looks like the category name is sorted alphabetically.

    Can you help please?

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    You can use Tagalong but it is order by category count or, you can rank the categories but it does not effect the drop down menu, it effects the map markers as it is explained.  The default for the selector is  is alphabetical.

    But  with ProPack, you can add tags and have them appear any way in drop down:

    Here is how I arranged a dropdown using ProPAck to appear in order

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    Many thanks for looking at this for me.

    From what I can see, though, using this method means I can’t have markers which identify the locations as bronze, silver, or gold. Am I correct in my understanding of that?

    If it’s a choice between having the dropdown appear alphabetically or losing the ability to differentiate between the locations on the map visually, I guess we’ll have to use Categories.



    Is it not possible to have the dropdown sorted by the slug though rather than the title? That way people can tweak the slug (eg. by adding a number or other prefix) to set the order.



    I have realised that it’s possible to use Tagalong alongside the ProPack solution. The marker are still customised by category so it’s just a case of not displaying that as a search option.

    It is necessary is to add matching tags and categories to each location. They are then searchable by their tag and category property displays their marker colour.

    Bit of a faff, compared with sorting by slug, but it’s a solution which works for the user.

    Thanks again for your help.

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