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    I hope linking to a screencast video is acceptable. In 6 minutes, you should be able to clearly understand my frustration. Please see:

    Thank you.





    Yes I see. . I am going to try and get some answers to you, might have Lance do a video tomorrow , he is much better at explaining in tutorials about how to reformat the layouts to be the way you want, he is much better at tutorials than I am.

    A couple of things that I can explain a little I hope.

    As far as the results. Go to Experience/Results/Functionality

    Under functionality Order results by.

    If you want them to order alphabetically select name A to Z.

    the default is closest farthest and if you have not set your center map at, it will default to the middle of the US…wherever Google decides is the middle of the US. You can have a search by state widgets, see for example on of our premier customers Old Spaghetti factory. They have had Lance do some customization and gone from there.


    As far as having categories first in the search you can move the lines in the Search Layout by just copying and pasting it above or below the search element address…In other words, I cut and copied from my twenty sixteen search layout but Above and Beyond also has the same element for category:

    Move the line that is slp search element dropdown with label =”category” to be above the search elements for address: So in my Search Layout I now have it here:

    <div id=”address_search” class=”slp search_box”>

    [slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”category”]

    [slp_search_element add_on location=”second_top”]

    If you are using above and beyond you can copy and paste any line to reorder the search box, ditto with the results. Think of it as moving a post it note, just pick it up and move it

    <div id=”address_search”>[slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”category”]

    [slp_search_element input_with_label=”name”][slp_search_element input_with_label=”address”][slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”city”][slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”state”][slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”country”][slp_search_element selector_with_label=”tag”]<div class=”search_item”>[slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”radius”][slp_search_element button=”submit”]</div></div>






    I don’t think you looked at my video:

    Help, please.



    I Did look at your video




    You may have watched the video but you haven’t answered the questions it posed.

    Specifically, how/where do I effect what displays beneath the search box prior to submitting a search? How do I get rid of the “view all” hyperlink? How do I display our locations alphabetically by state (alphabetically)

    I’m NOT talking about the results that display after a search, but what displays before a search is submitted.





    I think between the emails and the forums I have tried to explain pretty much everything  you are looking for, each time you are asking to do something else in addition , I did not see anything about having your states alphabetical.  You asked about changing the results layout, about import functionality, about categories . I appreciate that you are taking more time than  you would like to but you have a lot of variables that you want to change and that require extensive knowledge of CSS and HTML.  Either that or you select a pre-built plugin style to go with your theme. Not one size fits all.

    As far as the view all that is a CSS, you should watch the video on CSS.

    We do not have a function to display alphabetically by state, you can see all the options on how to display the results and order them and change them so it may take thinking outside of the box..  if you want to do something like that you could  assign and rank each location by giving all the states a rank . How to order results is in documentation.

    The SLP add-ons  provides the tools but if a site wants customization then the developer gets involved and that is time and money.   There is no way to have a one size fits all , behind the scenes there are complex set of  if/ then algorithms. and interactive settings. The developer is adding more results interactions in Premier. Anything new as in features and functionality  is added in Premier.

    There are new tutorials and a  new Premier release that may help you decide how you want to move forward or give you ideas of a work around. .



    How do I get rid of the “view all” hyperlink?



    As far as the search, The search by states,

    if you want a search drop down they are already alphabetical , you can use the Widgets search by state .



    Im not sure where you got the view all. But look under Categories / Labels
    What do you have for Any? or selector?



    I’ve got nothing in Categories/Label. See attached.



    Are you saying view all is a hyperlink? I don’t see that on my Above and beyond layout anywhere…Is it part of your category search. I no longer have your plugin environment so I am going back to all the forum questions…is it part of the Category legend or under view the CSS or locator layout? I do not see it under search layout when I change to the above and beyond.



    When you go to your site page, using browser tools click on Inspect/ look at elements, what is the line ?
    For instance if I hover over a line in my results I see this under elements using Chrome/ right click Inspect


    <div id="addy_in_city" class="search_item es_category_selector"><label for="addressInputCity">City</label><select id="addressInputCity" name="addressInputCity" onchange="">
    <option value="">--Search By City--</option>
    /select><input name="city_selector_discrete" type="hidden" value="1" /></div>


    I’ll get to your latest instruction shortly, but this is the code under View/Locator Layout:


    <div id=”sl_div”><div id=”sl_top”><div id=”sl_top_left” class=”sl_leftcol”><div id=”search_box”><div id=”search_box_header”>[slp_option name=”search_box_title”]</div><div id=”search_box_form”>[slp_search]</div></div></div><div id=”sl_top_right” class=”sl_rightcol”>[slp_map]</div></div><div id=”sl_mid”><div id=”sl_mid_left” class=”sl_leftcol”></div><div id=”sl_mid_right” class=”sl_rightcol”>[tagalong legend]</div></div><div id=”sl_bottom”><div id=”results_box”><div id=”results_box_header”>PEMF Practitioners</div><div id=”results_box_output”>[slp_results]</div></div></div></div>



    Go to Search/ Labels/Search Box title


    Look at all the labels under Search , do you have one with the verbiage View All?


    Also look at the Find Button, or can you give me a url link to your page so i can look at it?




    Do not have “view all” in a Search Label.

    The only label for which I cannot account is “Name”.

    See attached.



    Here is the relevant code:


    <div id=”sl_mid_right” class=”sl_rightcol”><div id=”tagalong_legend”><div id=”tagalong_list”><li class=”cat-item cat-item-8″>View All<span class=”tagalong_legend_icon” id=”legend_equine”>equine</span><span class=”tagalong_legend_icon” id=”legend_human”>human</span></div></div></div></div><div id=”sl_bottom”><div id=”results_box”



    What is producing the ‘tagalong legend?’

    Two screen shots attached, one of which is “Show Text Under Legend.”

    How do I get to the “shortcode via the Power view setting. Under the User Experience / View tab?”

    This kind of gobbledy-gook is why your product is so confusing. There isn’t a Power tab. Does “User Experience / View” mean the Experience (add-on) tab View setting?

    Perhaps it’s the “tagalong legend” in the Locator Layout code?



    As far as Experience tab in the toolbar under the SLP admin ui

    As far as what is in the locator layout.

    Each Plugin Style has different settings. That is why we suggest people use the theme and plugin style that correlate with each other. That Plugin Style you are referring to was specifically designed for NYLOBOARD years ago as part of a large customization project.  It may not have been the best plugin style for what you wanted to do,

    When a customization project comes  to fruition over the years, the specific stylings and layout have been added as  plugin style options.

    Since you now see where your category class is  coming from you can change it . As far as the Tagalong Legend it is included in your style , other styles you have to add the tagalong legend shortcode.

    The Tagalong legend is derived whatever markers you added to identify those categories,  See docs about that as well


    it is virtually impossible for me to change all my settings to try and match your since I have different WP themes, different settings

    There are documentation links in the back end on the right side, the world. You have to go to the docs site.

    The docs site is easily searchable by product, by keyword, by questions , by tags  and also there is a menu

    The add-ons especially Power is for the  Advanced users. It is assumed probably wrongly assumed that anyone using Taxonomies and Power has more than a rudimentary understanding of WordPress, Html, js, and css.

    Please research the docs site, also there is still some content on the Old DOCS site, the screenshots and reference will not necessarily make sense, but perhaps you need extra help and need to request a paid support  from  Cybersprocket labs.

    We do not portend to have an entire website specifically fine tuned for each industry with the use of a couple of add-ons for the general public. Most customization projects range anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000


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