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    I am having an issue where if I search for a city such as Paris, France, it focuses the map on a location in the United States.

    This appears to be happening for most searches of foreign cities.

    I am unable to provide a link as the site has a coming soon screen, but I can provide a login for the site if needed to access the search.



    Hi Justin,


    No That wont be necessary.  There is a reason why this is happening, Google Maps.

    Google assumes everyone is searching US unless told otherwise. If you have the map selection as US map domain that will happen pretty much all the time. There are a few tricks to adjust for this. One is to have your radius results default be very large. Another , if you are only in one country is select that map domain, and use the center map at to be the center of your locations in that country.

    Map panel settings

    I can advise you a little more if you provide some info about where the majority of your locations are and what you want for results based on search criteria.  In the mean time here is some information on why, and what add-ons may serve you best.

    How search works

    Premier country influenced guesses or address influenced guesses.

    Radius behavior






    I am having a similar problem. When someone searches for certain cities such as Eastport, Rocky Point, and Medford (All in New York) on my maps search bar they get a “no locations” response. However if someone were to search Eastport, NY the proper results are given. Is there any way to have my Store Locator Plus only search within New York State without having to enter the State. I am working with the standard plugin, and the experience add-on.



    Hi Dylan, Could you please provide your plugin environment which will show me the versions and add-ons you are using…also your locator page url? I dont know exactly how you have your back end UI set up…so there are a bunch of options. Here is a general guide on how the search and radius and results interact.

    Usually no results found indicates your radius may be too low.
    See Documentation on Radius behavior
    and other useful tips on the docs page
    Check what your radius default is, is it a large enough radius

    If you do not want to change your radius or show locations then provide more detailed isntructions.
    You can select “use current Map” under Map panel where you have chouce of World or Current. Also if all your locations are in NY you can add the shortcode to that page

    Here is a list of all the shortcodes available to you

    Or you may Opt to use the Search Form widget that will have drop down of all the locations and state

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