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    Hi there. I am using the WooThemes Storefront theme with SLP and just purchased the Experience add-on. Attached is my plugin environment (SLP_PluginEnvironment.png).

    I’m having an issue with the results that I receive when searching for locations and I’m looking to figure out how I go about getting the result output formatted properly with each location shown beneath eachother with just 4 fields – the name of the location, the distance from the location searched, the locations address, and a link to that locations page that I have setup on my site (a URL ie. Store Page). For example I want the results to come back like this:


    Jerry and Harveys Deli
    5.5 miles
    96 U.S. 9 Englishtown, NJ 07726
    Visit Store Page
    Bagel Plaza
    41.5 miles
    1704 Merrick Rd Merrick, NY 11566
    Visit Store Page
    Result 3
    Result 4


    But currently the results being returned are formatted with too much spacing. See screenshot (SLP_Results.png).

    How do I go about formatting the results to return in the layout I mentioned above? Is there a specific plugin style that I need to use? Or is there some specific CSS editing or shortcodes I need to use. Please help me out.

    Thanks in advance.




    Thank you for providing your Plugin Environment.   There are many SLP plugin styles for you to try out and there is documentation here on how to get best results.  Some work better with certain WordPress themes than others. For instance SLP has a Woo memorable plugin style .  To override your WordPress default theme you would need to know CSS and /or HTML. There is a tutorial about using  CSS on the SLP YOU TUBE CHANNEL.

    You mention you want something like  ” Visit Store Page” , Do you have the Power Add-on or Pages Legacy Add-on? Power add-on includes (new ProPack, Pages , Categories (fka tagalong)  Manager, Contact Extender, Directory Builder.

    For more information on the functionality and features of the various add-ons,  please see the Our add-ons under  Documatation

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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