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    Jesse Kurrasch

    Hi. I have three plugins installed, Power, Experience, and the standard SLP.

    I had this working and then it stopped working and the client has brought it to my attention.

    When you search on name, it is suppose to search on the tag (using SLP Power) to generate the name search.  Now , it no longers does that.

    I think after I do updated, it automatically deactivates the SLP Power plugin because I always go in and see it deactivated.  I activated it and still the tags don’t work for the search.

    Can I please get some help with this ASAP?  I need this to stay working and it is constantly deactivating the power plugin. I can give you admin access to the site if you’d like too.

    Thank you,



    I need to see your Plug-in environment, versions etc, please follow the Forum posting guidelines.

    That site is showing errors and page not found ‘

    I also see you have a folder name for the sources when I inspect that site EXP and Power listed as OLD….if you have updated SLP but are using outdated Add-ons and there is a conflict, the add-ons will be automatically deactivated

    Is there a reason you are  not updating the add-ons?

    Updating Add-ons 

    Jesse Kurrasch

    I just sent the plugin environment.  I have to admit, I have had so many problems with these plugins and support has been so slow that I’ve had to try and fix the problems on my own.  I reactivated the Experience plugin and removed the “OLD)” from the folder.

    It is still broke. I changed the all the plugins too “OLD” just to deactivate and test.  Why is the site looking for the name “OLD” and how can I fix that?

    All the add-ons should be updated.


    Jesse Kurrasch

    Everything looks good from my end.  Please feel free to access the site and fix what ever is broke.  I just really need this working.


    I cannot access your site. we do not manage or log into individual sites that are under the WPSLP do it yourself plugin.    If you were using our MYSLP monthly subscription plans we would have immediate access and part of our service is to assist admin.

    There are paid support options if you need the developer to log into your site and identify your issues.

    You are using tags as Names in an unconventional manner so I am not sure what else I can tell you at this point.  The Power add-on allows for Contacts to be added.

    Jesse Kurrasch

    It was recommended to me to use the tags as names and it worked fine before.  It’s not working now and I’m paying for premium support.  I don’t understand, nor will I pay for additional support.

    I think the better option is to use a more effective locator with real support.

    Thank you,

    Jesse Kurrasch

    Is there anyway someone who is more knowledgeable and helpful can jump in on this question? It was working before.

    I’m going to either cancel this service or just keep posting till someone cares.

    Thank you



    I have tested on my site.  I am using Version 5.6 of SLP and WP

    I am using latest versions of Power and experience

    I changed the Tags Label to Name.

    I changed the tags search to “text type”

    I have locations with tags.

    I typed in one of the tags in my case I had a tag associated with a location as “hotel”

    I had radius of 25 miles. I typed in hotel and the one location with that tag within that radius popped up no problem.

    But my element for that search box field is  #tag_to_search

    id=”search_by_tag”id= “tag_to_search_for”

    whereas yours is #div_nameSearch 


    Therefore you are not using the correct data field to search by since your “Name” is actually a TAG.

    there actually is a “search by Name” feature but as you have been told in previous forum answers that is the Name of the location i.e store or location name.

    it would appear that your  revised modified search layout is not correct. Not sure which plug-in style you are using but I do not see name search as one

    I believe that is the issue you have is because you have added  something other then the correct data field for tags in your search layout

    So I had to search and inspect your site using common  browser developer tools to come up with why yours was not working  the correct way and mine was.

    Please note We do not work 24/7 on forum questions but do check our Premier forums first and foremost.  If you feel. the need to move on to a solution that is more intuitive and whereas we can readily see the back end we suggest using the SLP SaaS software with a monthly subscription instead of the do it yourself self managed premier subscription





    Jesse  I see that you figured it out and corrected your  search and results layout errors.

    As mentioned before we do not have access to your back-end and we do not log into sites and start playing with things. As you can imagine that would be a huge liability for us. This is why we offer support in the fashion of identifying what is wrong if you need the developer to log-in.

    I understand your frustration, if you want to switch to something that you do not need to manage yourself , consider the SLP SaaS solution instead of the WPSLP plug-in that is always a Do it yourself Plug-in.

    The Premier subscription includes features and functionalities and styles that are not available with just SLP and add-ons. It does not include log-in support.

    You’re welcome.  Have a good week

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