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    Anthony Cook

    The map loads correctly listing all ‘stores”, but if I do a search for a major city all that is shown in the results is the “Home Marker”, I do not even get a “No Results Message” shown?

    We were running 5.5.15 but as you are no longer listed on WP plugins we have now had to upgrade to the paid version as you no longer offer the free version. I hoped that this would fix the issue. We are now on 5.12.3.

    You can see the map on the live site:

    I have also noticed that no Loading Indicator is shown and in the settings there is only the option of “none”?

    I get no errors in WP_DEBUG or in console.


    hello Anthony,

    1) I see these errors when you use the browsers dev tools.

    [Error] <link rel=preload> must have a valid as value (our-branches, line 14)

    [Error] TypeError: $ is not a function. (In ‘$(‘.animation-element’)’, ‘$’ is undefined)

    Global Code (animscroll.js:1)


    This error is being generated by your theme function.

    2) As far as Loading Indicator. You see None because you only have the basic  plug-in.

    3) You are using WP GOOGLE MAP PLUG-In

    4) You also have a GSTATIC Map. API  in that site. Do you have the correct MAP API for SLP?

    See screen shot showing your theme error and your other WP Google Map plug-in.  When using the Browser dev tools, run and reload under Network” and the WP Google MAPS is firing off first.

    The way to test for conflicts is explained by the WP debugger, yes, but you should also try by turning  off plug-ins one by one to see when and if resolved. I cannot tell on your link if there is a conflict with having two Locator Maps or not.

    Here are suggestions about testing and debugging if Search doesn’t work. 


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