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    I have an installation of SLP that doesn’t function in Safari browsers. Entering a search and clicking the button returns no results (or seems unresponsive to input.)

    Has anyone seen or solved this issue before? Page will work fine in Chrome, FF and IE

    The SLP page is here:

    AJAX does not seem to be blocked and returns this: {“success”:true,”slp_version”:”4.4.34″,”dbQuery”:”SELECT *,( ‘3959’ * acos( cos( radians(”) ) * cos( radians( sl_latitude ) ) * cos( radians( sl_longitude ) – radians(”) ) + sin( radians(”) ) * sin( radians( sl_latitude ) ) ) ) AS sl_distance FROM sbx_store_locator LEFT JOIN sbx_slp_extendo USING(sl_id) WHERE sl_latitude REGEXP ‘^[0-9]|-‘ AND sl_longitude REGEXP ‘^[0-9]|-‘ AND ( NOT sl_private OR sl_private IS NULL) HAVING (sl_distance < 0.000000) OR (sl_distance IS NULL) ORDER BY coalesce(featured,0) desc,sl_distance asc,sl_distance asc LIMIT 25″,”count”:0,”type”:”load”,”query_params”:{“QUERY_STRING”:”action=csl_ajax_onload&addressInput=&ignore_radius=1″,”address”:””,”lat”:””,”lng”:””,”radius”:””,”tags”:””},”response”:[]}

    If any other details are needed, please let me know. I have attached my SLP info.

    Thank you

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    Something other than SLP is causing this, the Developer uses Safari to develop and to test every single update. He went back and tested again and there is no error. If you need him to troubleshoot your site you can provide a login and admin to your site URL. That option is under Paid Support.

    You might want to look at teh debugging tools and instructions:

    it appears you have a  non SLP Widget adding a Search form.  That could be causing some conflict as well.



    Thank you Cici, it was a plugin conflict, for one I used in my dev for relative paths.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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