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    After upgrade to WordPress 4.8 and SLP 4.7.11 with updated addons some customizations can not be made anymore.

    Before on Settings-Search -Appearance there was a ‘search layout’ input field.

    Now, after the Update this is goon.



    This is a MultiSite Environment.

    Premier Subscription is valid:

    The Code is valid, but i get a warning i should by a Subscription :

    I tried to downgrade to SLP 4.7.9. I tried to downgrade WP back to 4.7.5

    No changes.

    Several layouting fnput fields do not appear an the layout of the search is completely broken.

    Do you have any idea, what i may do to reenable these Fields ?



    Hi Ferdinand,

    Not heard of that one . What plugin style layout are you using?  Assume skywalker? Could you double check and  if it isn’t showing the right style change the plugin style (on your staging or dev site) Did you change themes recently by any chance?

    There is a bug in Experience 4.7.10. I sat down with Lance today and he went through the Experience add-on code/updates to find what was going on. He found some issues with the initialization at start up code for experience add-on.

    It shouldn’t have effected the way the back end search layout appears though, it was strictly the front end and how those features worked/ appeared. Did  you clear the  cache after updating WP?

    I was having problems with that myself.   With old back-end appearing, but I was testing the new 4.8 beta, I do not have that issue with current production release.

    Lance has been working on new SLP 4.8 and we have been testing for past week. The new bug discovered effected other Search and results (order by) found in Experience add-on.  It is possible it has effected something on your site but I cant be sure.

    Could you be specific as to what is not working on the front end? What fields are missing?






    Hi Cici,


    its a bit confusing what happend.

    First the missing fields :

    search Layout, Bubble Layout, Map Layout, Result Layout

    Not missing : Result Header, Custom Css


    I have a testing/development Environment. This is downgraded to WP 4.7.5 with SLP 4.7.9

    When i switch the Database to a Version before all Updates, everything works fine.

    When i switch to the actual Version, the fields are missing and the Search is broken.

    I tried to switch to the new database and use the following tables from the old DB :

    wp_store_locator  wp_slp_extendo wp_slp_extendo_meta wp_slp_tagalong wp_slp_rep_query wp_slp_rep_query_result an after that also wp_options.

    (all with numbers inbetween because of the multisite env)

    The fields in the backend are still missing.

    The Frontend has different behaviours.

    with the all new version (slp 4.7.10/11,new db) the country search is not working. We use country dropdown. Select f.i. Austria and get Germany. Select USA, get china …

    with the old version (slp 4.7.9 and old DB) everything works.

    with the mixed version (SLP 4.7.9, new Db with / without old slp-Tables imported) the Frontend design is broken, but the results of the search are ok.

    Broken design in the frontend means:

    Search drop downs are not aligned horizontal. The result shows adresses, but no website, no mail. Same on the bubbles.

    Changing the Theme in Setting View changes the Layout, but its still not aligned like we want, and some fields in the result are missing.

    Looks like the frontend just does not use the layout fields missing in the backend…

    I would try to setup slp fresh, but disabling the plugins does not remove the tables and option-settings in the db, so if i reinstall and reactivate the plugins, the wrong behaviour still exists.

    I could destroy the slp tables, but i cannot destroy the wp_options table …

    May be you have an idea what to do, if not, what would i have to delete to make a fresh slp install ?








    No do not delete, Lance did some bug fixes to  Experience that is now undergoing testing (EXP  and SLP and Premier version 4.8.)

    If you want to try the beta version now and see if it fixes your issues we can send you the zip files or you can download them from your account under Products/Download if you  log in at the WPSLP site.

    The beta release for SLPis 4.8.beta 11 and the beta version for EXP I believe is 4.8. beta 3.

    Only test those on your dev site (but you already know that).  If the new releases do not fix the issue we can have Lance take a look at your styles.

    Note: There is a quirk in some data sets that will require you to re-arrange the header row (first row) of any  export file.  Before importing your export file back in on your new site make sure you’ve checked that the headers have not shifted, that they have correct field names as things may have changed over time



    Please note, the developer has created a new SLACK channel where the progress on updates to any  SLP add-ons are visible to  premier customers . This is a separate forum where you can cite issues and communicate with the developer or Premier support team. This is an excellent mechanism to see what is being worked on, to discuss issues and suggest resolution to, to report or see progress of  fixes, to share  ideas with the developer and his team.

    Please contact us for an invite if you do not already belong to #talk-about-slp on the Charleston Software Associates Slack channel


    SLP 4.8 , Experience 4.8, Power 4.8, Premier 4.8 all released and in production. Make sure you have a full back up of your site before updating a live site.

    The features should be fixed now.

    Simon Griffiths

    Hi Guys,

    I am running on a developement server and updated SLP to version 4.8. It has deactivated the old versions of the power and experience plugins, but there is no automatic update showing. Although I have downloaded the 4.8 versions of power and experience, if I upload those manually, I’m guessing it will wipe out all the changes I have been working on.

    Any advice on how to update without losing my changes?



    @ Simon Back up your site, especially save  your css to an accessible  directory folder.  The  update should not cause you to lose any data but we always recommend backing up your site before doing any major upgrades. see this informational post for more info on updating, changing sites etc. P.S. you can be added to the SLACK channel #talk-about-slp , when the developer is online working SLP or Myslp Saas  you can chat on that channel and ask any questions of the developer as well as here. He does not check these forums, he lets support do that but he is the guru, so check out the Slack channel. That is a bonus for being Premier customer


    @ Ferdinand


    Update to 4.8 is out, but you also changed your site from http to https. That equates to a new domain as far as Google is concerned, plus it is showing mixed content errors.  MORE INFO ON MIXED CONTENT

    Your site content is pulling some of the styling etc from http but you are trying to serve it over https. You mention you have Multi site, do you mean multisite network administration or just multisite?   Did you follow the WP best Practices and guidelines when updating your site?




    Current bug fixes to the Experience add-on are being tested in pre release beta versions and with SLP 4.8.3 beta version .  If you have a dev site and or staging site that you can test the pre-releases with please download and let us know any issues on the SLACK channel (Charleston Software Associates) #talk-about-slp.

    If you do not have access to Slack please send a request to be allowed access direct to support.

    Lance Cleveland

    The “missing layout” settings was something we just discovered on multisite installs.  I’m curious if you are seeing it on a standard WP install.

    The following updates available now for Premier users may resolve the issue.  These are NOT production files.  Please test on a staging site.   We are in the midst of a full test cycle before releasing this patch to production.

    SLP 4.8.2-beta-3
    Experience 4.8.2-beta-2
    Premier 4.8.2-beta-2
    Power 4.8.2-beta-2

    Premier members can find the files under the Products | Downloads menu. or on the Slack Channel.


    As far as i can see, this works pretty good.

    I made a test on a staging site with

    4.8.2 beta 3 SLP and 4.8.2 beta 2 Premier, Experience and Power

    Looks fine so far.

    Thank you.



    Thanks Ferdinand. With feedback Lance will be able to finalize testing and tweaks if needed.

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