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    After some bug fixes in 4.9.1, I have a new one that pops up: search doesn’t work. If I type in a location, the map always returns to default and shows the default results (Haarlem in my case). No matter what I type in…

    I already tried purging cache, disabling the Power Pack and Debaat-add ons…

    Is this a known bug?

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    Sorry to hear you are having issues Jaap, Could you provide the site url that SLP is on so we can review?  (is this the one…  If so I am seeing errors on the page when I inspect with Chrome.

    Also which plugin style are you using?  I noted that you had previously bought some Legacy add-ons like Widgets.   I will send you an email about upgrades.    Did you have some CSS when you had ProPack?


    When I viewed your site I see the errors. shown in the screen shot. I did not see SLP base plugin on the page, only the UML third party add-on.  We have not been able to get DeBaat to update any of the third party add-ons , he has been unresponsive ,  I cannot troubleshoot that one.

    But I did see you are using Foundation CSS with UML on a page.  Lance discovered an issue  for another customer within  Foundation CSS. It was  overwriting the plugin style in SLP.   I do not know if that is the situation in your case  but he developed a new plugin style called Metropolis to help with this.

    In the meantime I have notified Lance of your issue , he will need your url that has the SLP search form and which site you are seeing the issues on


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    Lance Cleveland

    Hi Jaap –

    I assume this is the locator page:

    First – awesome job on the styling!  I may need to have you send me come CSS skills to I can create some nice-looking Plugin Styles like that!

    What I tried:

    This put me in Charleston SC with no locations.    I’m guessing that is correct as I’m thinking you have no locations in this area.

    • Type in Netherlands in the address and set distance to 200km, click Find Locations.
    • Locations show up near Harleem.

    I then tried to zoom out on the map because my knowledge of local towns/cities over there is “typically American” in that I could not name one.    But the Google zoom out is broken.

    Because the core Google functionality is not working I’m guessing something is seriously wrong with the JavaScript (or possibly CSS if you have layers/divs set incorrectly).

    In Safari I go to the Develop | Show JavaScript Console (you’ll need to enable Developer Tools in preferences first to see that menu) and I can see the JavaScript errors on your site.    All modern browser have an equivalent to Developer Tools and the JavaScript Console if you’re interested to see  the errors yourself.

    Since SLP requires a fully loaded and functional JavaScript environment to operate properly , you’ll need to fix these fatal errors in other plugins/themes to get it working again.

    1. Error: ReCAPTCHA placeholder element must be an element or id
    2. ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: socialRHSHide

    Thanks for the reply!

    It is Alpha Audio we are talking about:

    The base-plugin should be active on there. Sorry to hear that DeBaat is non-responsive. I payed for this plugins and I realy need them, since I have customers that use his add-ons.


    Did you happen to see Lances reply as well?   UML  shoud still work, I just don’t troubleshoot those., but it wouldn’t cause an issue with search on maps.  Lance  weighed in and confirmed other things are most likely interfering with  Javascript preventing SLP to work properly.  We have a troubleshooting docs site to explain how to check for these erros


    Hi Cici,

    I am in contact with Lance via e-mail now. I guess it’s JS as well, since I don’t see any other issues. But it would be nice to have some help troubleshooting this. I’m not technical enough.


    Fixing other plugins or javascript (that is not part of SLP)  is outside the scope of  forum support unfortunately.   For advanced  technical and developer  support, hours are available through   Cybersprocket .


    Yes, I understand that. But 4.9 did work. So, something changed in 4.9.1 that caused search not to work anymore.


    Hi Lance,

    I have a guy for the styling… not my skill unfortunately ;-).

    The issue is easy: I will take your location and show some stores if there are any. But I you type in any other location, say: Amsterdam, It will not search there but return the default location.

    If you don’t allow location-detection, It will default to Haarlem (where the office is). If you type in any other location – for example: Eindhoven – It will stay in Haarlem after the reload of the page.

    Hope this helps



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    You have Javascript issues. If you need assistance with Troubleshooting your site to resolve your  javascript issues (these are not SLP issues) , that is outside the scope of the normal forum support. That would be done through Cybersprocket .  Please note the SLP Paid Troubleshooting support option  would only identify your issues , which plugins or theme is causing these issues and does not fix them.

    To have a developer / IT person fix those other Javascript issues on your site would be done through Cybersprocket.

    Lance is in the middle of  programming for a customization customer. I urge you to either hire Cybersprocket, or if you have your own IT person, ask them to find the javascript issues on your site.


    Lance Cleveland

    Jaap –

    Maybe SLP 4.9.1 searches broke something on your site but I cannot even start debugging it on your site.  The SLP  location search code isn’t even running after the page first loads because the Recaptcha bug is stopping the SLP search code from running.   That makes it impossible for me to look at how the search is working on your site.

    Try disabling/fixing the broken JavScript code from your other plugins/themes first.  Start by disabling any plugins or theme options that enable Recaptcha.   Since it looks like custom code, it may be baked into your theme.

    As outlined in my latest article and video, if ANYTHING breaks in JavaScript before the SLP code runs then the SLP map search will not work.     This is because JavaScript loads in an indeterminate order.   That means that today your page may run the SLP code BEFORE Recaptcha but tomorrow it may run the Recaptcha code first.  There are a million variables that affect this.

    My guess is something else updated besides SLP from 4.9 to 4.9.1.   Maybe you did not explicitly perform an update but something is different besides SLP.     Maybe Google’s Recaptcha library updated and broke your custom Recaptcha code.    Maybe WordPress did an automated security update that changed the order the scripts loaded (did WP update from 4.9 to 4.9.1 as well?).   Or Maybe your plugins auto-updated, many do especially if you you services like Jetpack and a dozen other security plugins.

    Start the process of getting the other errors fixed so I can at least see our SLP search code running and then I can possibly hunt down any SLP 4.9.1 bugs.


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