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    On I have a location that resides at zip code 31064. If I search for that location by zip code it will not pull up. If I search by a neighboring zip code it will pull up 31061 for example. All other zip code searches work just fine. I have removed the location, and added it back in. Nothing I have tried has fixed the issue. Help would be appreciated.

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    I just answered a post to someone about the Google Maps and how they misdirect. You can try to steer your site user to enter more information by adding labels or adding something under the search form or under results such as “If no address or results found try adding more info”

    See my reply to the forum post here


    P.S. Interestingly enough , if you search similar questions on the net I see this response in Stackoverflow from a now I am wondering if Google is trying to rely on their directions or places API…or if they are just mis-directing by accident, or they are playing games with everyone.

    More recently similar  questions were submitted to Google and ended up in Stackoverflow as well.

    So I went to the source to see what they suggested:


    Under their new forward geocoder

    They of course say they have decided zero results is a better response rather then give you a location nearby, and lo and behold, i am guessing their Places API is more expensive then the MAPS API…just a guess.

    Basically they are saying what we have been instructing people, to have your user enter more complete address queries.

    Ill let you know if there is a work around otherwise


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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