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    just updated to latest version, and plugin broke ;-( Here test cases:

    1) map domain set to Norway AND map centered at Oslo: first time load without any ZIP code = all good. As soon as I enter ZIP code and search, maps goes to Kansas City

    2)  map domain set to Norway AND map not centered (default to center of Norway): all OK both on first load and zip search

    it worked OK for previous version, so something broke ;-(

    And since center of Norway is middle of nowhere, I must set center to Oslo for map to make sense upon first load ūüėČ




    Please refer to the posting guidelines, you have not provided us with any detail to assist you.. i.e plugin environment, url. etc.




    Hi Cici,

    real sorry, that was dumb … Here some more details.


    see attachment

    Test cases:


    IMPORTANT: do not accept geolocation here, otherwise map goes to wherever you are.

    This is the set up WITHOUT centering the map at Oslo, leaving the center blank (which defaults to Norway, lat 60.472024 – lon 8.468946). As you can see it loads with the centre of Norway. And if you type 0170 (OSLO zip code), then you get to Oslo area OK with the shops there. But if you type 2020, which is my postcode (20km north-east of Oslo), then you get to a completely different location to the east coast of Norway, 1000 KM away. 2020 does not correspond to any store location, while 0170 does. So I guess the SLP defaults back to center (Norway) when zip code is unknown, and tries to find the closes shops there, zooming the map accordingly.


    (should be no geolocation here, since staging site is not under https, but in case deny as well)

    This is the set up with map centered at Oslo (lat 59.9138688 – lon 10.7522454). As you can see the map load correctly around the Olso area. And if you type 0170, it stays there. but if I type 2020, it goes to Kansas City. So in this case SLP does not takes into consideration my Olso map center when an unknown zip is entered.

    FYI, the intended behaviour for us is to center the map at OSLO, so that if user types an unknown zip code (as 2020), the map defaults to Olso, which is far better than the middle of Norway ,-)

    Thanks for help




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    Ok, cool, not dumb people often think we have a crystal ball…I could only hope!

    I wanted to see your plugin environment to see if you were using any add-ons before I offered any solutions.

    Yes i can see that if I type in 2o20  I do not get any results if I am incognito. Using the browser tools, I see a green GET when typing in tbat postal code, Google just doesnt show you any results.

    I do not know if Google cant find it or if you need to expand the search area in results settings.

    Even when I try to search Google MAPS it just shows me a pin point in the middle of Norway. Apparently Google doesn’t know what you are looking for. The numbers 2020 are not unique enough¬† (And they have become more and more demanding ever since they added a bunch of new APIs (like Places) .

    Unfortunately, since you are using the free WordPress SLP and have your own Google API we have no insight or control over how Google responds with results. Our MYSLP software is better at finding ubiquitous locations because they   first search an alternate database and correct googles geocoding if needed and then go to Google for geocoding . There is no way for us to do that on other peoples self managed sites.

    The WPSLP plugin does havea few add-ons that might help . Experience add-on where you can add the append or only with function, or use discrete search or use autocomplete or Premier subscription where you have some search enhancements like show address guess  or show Google guesses etc.

    I do not know if MYSLP would be a better option for you. But there isnt anything broken as far as how WPSLP is working



    P.S. If you only want to search Norway then the append Norway or short code such as

    example I have a test site and page for Costa Rica, Google doesnt seem to know where Costa Rica is so to be sure when I search San Jose …,there are many in the world, I have a shortcode like this”

    [SLPLUS map_region=’cr’ center_map_at=”San Jose, Costa Rica”¬† initial_radius=’1000′ append_to_search=’Costa Rica’]

    You would need experience add on to utilize that shortcode, or as mentioned just use the append button in SLP..


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