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    I have the store locator plus running on my website but it stopped working and the only thing that shows is teh shortcode.

    ALl plugins and wp are up to date. I tried to deactivate some of the other plugin to see if there’s a conflict going on but nothing


    Can you please assist?



    Please provide the information needed to assist you, please refer to the Looking for tech support article.

    Without seeing what add-ons, versions, or  site url to look at I cannot venture to guess what is going on with your site. Did you move your site? Are you on a shared server?

    Has anyone inadvertently made changes on the page the shortcode is on?  If a shortcode shows up it is usually a formatting issue…Did someone copy and past the shortcode?

    If you look at documentation site you might find an answer if you do not want to provide your information in the fourms






    Did you resolve your Issue? I do not see a url to check your site for errors. Did you check the WP page the shortcode is on to make sure it is in correct format?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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