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    I’m using SLP for WordPress and have Premier subscription. I’m connecting via the SLP REST API as listed here:

    I can call Get Locations and I can retrieve an individual location. Responses come in fine and my authentication is clearly working ok.

    When I try to Add a location or Update an existing location, I get this message:

    “code”: “rest_forbidden”,
    “message”: “Sorry, you are not allowed to do that.”,
    “data”: {
    “status”: 401

    Would be helpful for a bit more detailed documentation on REST APIs, examples, or how to resolve this.

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    Sorry, We cannot help you with this method of adding locations . , this is far and beyond the general Store locator Plus plugin  questions and requires an in depth knowledge base of your specific server, host, configuration, Word Press, REST API ,  plugin development  and how they all work together.   You also have not followed the Posting guidelines above (READ THIS BEFORE POSTING)  and have not provided screens shots of your Info Plugin environment.  I can only assume that you do not have a legit copy of  pour plugin and are trying to build or develop an APP to work with our plugin, sorry I cannot help you with that.


    The docs that you are referring to  are from 2016. WordPress and SLP have undergone a lot of major changes since then and since we have no idea what versions you are using we cannot verify.  That article does not belong in the current docs archives and will be removed, thanks for pointing it out to us. It is way too technical for the general population.

    If your l configuration  is  preventing REST API with communicating with WP , that  is not  as a result of the Store Locator Plus plugin and is outside of the realm of our support either in the forums or even for a paid support option

    You should be adding locations via the basic SLP plugin under Locations add, I do not know what you are attempting to do with the screenshots. There used to be a third party add-on that allowed user managed locations, if you are trying to replicate that capability. you  can look at that authors site if you are trying to provide capabilities for a user :

    search for him in WordPress under DeBAAT.




    Thanks Cici,

    I added screenshot of my environment.  I’m a developer assisting a client who has a SLP Premier Subscription.

    I understand if this issue is too technical, no problem.

    However, I encourage you to keep this functionality in the plugin, as it’s working now!

    I made a minor change in the php and was able to get around the error message.  This means I can add/update locations via the API.

    The use case we are developing is an integration between a CRM (Zoho) and the WordPress-SLP plugin.  So if a contact in CRM has location info, it can be added/update in SLP by changing in Zoho CRM

    Given that the API is working, I think it’s a great feature that allows various integrations.

    thanks again for your help.



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    Thanks for that info.  i will pass it along to  the developer, Lance,.  I  am sure a lot of what you are explaining  is understood by him . He has a blog where he writes technical articles and some info for a class he teaches

    As you probably know, the majority of people using the WordPress plugin do not have in depth knowledge  of anything  remotely as detailed as what you  describe and many have little or no IT assistance never mind someone with developer skills other then building a web site page.

    When I mentioned changes since the doc page you referenced was written,92016)  here is an example:  Updated  in December 2018 the geocode requests go through the WP REST API now. This was in response to the google API changes last year and trying to save customers some money  . Also a more recent update requires PHP min to be 5.6

    My skill set is general about WordPress and more about how the general plugin works .


    P.S. there are newer versions /updates to SLP,  Power add-on (changelog) and Premier. You might want to check the SLP changelog for what was changed for each version of the base plugin and  can be found on the WP Store locator Plus development page

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