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    My client is using SLP and would like to prevent the default behavior that if you click “Search” without any fields filled that it shows all of the results. Is there a way to require the user to fill in at least one search field before search results will show? Or can you make a specific search field required with the [slp_search_element] element?


    Yes .

    You would need to have the*  Experience add-on. ‘Under Settings/Results/Disable initial directory would need to be checked off.

    Under Results Panel in documentation:

    There is a screenshot of where this is checked off (with experience add-on)

    Do Not show the results immediately until after a search has been performed.   The setting is labeled “Disable Initial directory”.

    *There are additional settings such as discrete search, changing layouts and appearances etc  with the Experience add-on.

    See WPSLP self managed documentation for more info about those.


    If you opt to switch over to MYSLP the level plan you would want would be Professional







    We reviewed the email you sent to contact us and provided some suggestions.  In the future if you could provide the Plugin environment (i.e what add-ons etc you have a screenshot of the INFO tab for just SLP) that would assist us in not sending you down a rabbit hole.  Apparently you already have a premier subscription which included experience add-on.

    To not have any results appear  if  text is not entered in the search box  field  ( your site visitor opts to not add any information for  their search) and then  clicks find locations, the results  as determined by your other settings will appear . Other customers have added instructional labels in the search box, or hidden the search address box altogether and opted for drop down menus or category selector options or using directory option


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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