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    J Joseph

    On one of our maps it’s hit or miss on which entries display correctly. On the incorrect entries it will just list the “store” name and the distance. All of the information is correct on the CSV import. Can you think of why some stores’ information come in correctly and others don’t? We also receive the geocoding error message. This is the map that doesn’t pull correctly:




    If you have a premier subscription, you should post in the Premier Forum where the questions are often answered by the developer.

    premier is now 4.6.3

    Your CSV file is not in the correct format. Request is not a correct header.  from the documentation:

    “The header MUST match the list of field names below.

    Base Field Names

    These are the fields provided by Store Locator Plus that can be imported by the CSV file.   The header field names should be entered exactly as listed.    Items with two options can use either option, the faster processing option is listed first……….”


    #See the various documentation pages about CSV file, imports exports etc.





    j Joseph

    I have been talking to Angela about the subscription. Do you not have access to the premier subscription because you are not the owner but the developer?  You should be using current versions of POWER and EXPERIENCE Add-ons.  They are both 4.7.1

    The LEGACY versions are not being updated and the individual add-ons will not be updated.  Your screen shot shows all old versions that are part of Power (ProPAck, Directory Builder, Pages ) and Experience (Enhanced Results, Enhanced Search, anything Enhanced and Widgets) Please discuss with your client.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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