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    I’m trying to do a bulk upload but after choosing my csv file and clicking “Upload Locations”, it brings me back to the “Manage” screen and the locations have not been added even though I’m not getting any kind of error. Attached is the csv I’m working with. It’s just a few stores as I wanted to get it working first before uploading a much larger list.

    Thanks, Scott



    Determined that the problem was that the Pro Pack plugin no longer works with later versions of SLP….. Got the Power plugin which worked except that I got a time-out after 2600 of 5600 stores were uploaded….



    Hi Scott,  The ProPack still works but there was a major coding event with  SLP core plugin in 4.5.08 that required ProPack to be disabled and a later version installed from your account…that goes back to the versions control and labeling that we discussed in the other post. We tried to make everyone aware through various news feeds and documentation FAQ.

    But you did the right thing by updating to Power.   Power is where the improvements and future upgrades will happen. The imports should  be faster than what you saw before. Additional tweaks to SLP and to Power in versions 4.6 are going to help your performance .

    Having said that, I do not know what your plugin environment or server configuration or site url or server host is. This is where a screenshot of your Plugin environment (posting guidelines) is useful. That info weighs heavily into the equation.  For instance do you have or need a Google API? Are you on a shared server? What version PhP?


    There are issues with your csv file, Why do you leave the sl_address column blank and only load the address in the sl_address 2,?  That address will load on the second line.  When you converted to CSV , if you used an older version of Excel , you will notice your leading zero was dropped in the zip code column,  that will not be  geocoded or will be an incorrect geocode location….You need to format that column correctly , we suggest Google sheets IMPORT CSV FILE DOCS AND EXAMPLES see your zip codes as they are in your attached file below, they should be five numbers, NJ I assume should be 07xxx:









    Here are some useful tips and suggestions in our documentation on how to improve your import process and issues that can occur (for instance the dropping of that leading zero, zip code  before you convert to a  csv file.

    FAQ info for geocoding, importing large data sets etc

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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