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    After I installed Premier and enabled the button bar – the locator is no longer finding any of my locations.

    They are all there – but it is not displaying any of them.

    I did delete an old category as well – not sure if this has caused issue.


    Could you provide your Plugin environment and which plugin style you are using?

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    Deleting a category does not matter. You said you recently updated. Did you also update the base SLP and Power add-on, and any other plugins or your theme?


    We had Power and Experience and we just purchased Premier because we wanted to use the button bar.

    We’ve got 4.9.12 of SLP and 4.9.11 of others.


    I am seeing Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys

    Google is requiring API keys. Make sure you have entered the Google API key

    Navigated to

    The Link that you have that Page on is saying it is a directory. What Plugin style are you using. The link above only shows me this
    “How to use this directory

    To use this directory, simply wait for the map to load before entering your suburb/town and state, then click search.”
    On that page under your theme you have
    I assume that is from your theme.

    I am testing the button bar selector in the meantime.


    Which SLP Plugin Style are you using? Do you have a staging or dev or virtual site where you can change the plugin style to the recommended Bennet SLP plugin style?

    The category button bar works with our Gallery style named “bennett” which was the Plugin Style that the button bar was designed for.
    See documentation

    You can add a shortcode to search layout
    — let us know what style you are using and the developer can add the CSS rules.
    You can reply here or send an email to the Contact us in support


    We have our own style. I did change it to Bennett after I enabled the button bar – it didn’t look very good. And now doesn’t bring back any results at all. I can still see our locations in the SLP backend but they are not found from the front end.

    I have disabled the button bar – but that made no difference. Locations still not showing.

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    I now know that the problem is to do with the Power add on. When I activate SLP, experience and premier – all OK – when I activate Power with SLP, Experience and Premier – the locations won’t show.

    Lance Cleveland

    You need to provide a staging site where you can turn on the Power add on and leave it that way or turn on Power on the production site so we can look at the responses coming back from the server.

    It is very likely a setting you have enabled in Power that is filtering out your results or changing your location filters in a manner you have not considered.

    Let us know when you have a site setup showing the problem or have enabled Power on your live site so we can take a look. It may take us 24 hours to get in and look at the site, but we’ll try to do it as soon as possible to limit the locator down time.

    I’m assuming, from CiCi’s post that this is the URL:

    If that is not correct please provide the URL to the site where the problem is appearing.


    It is live now – actually I think you are right – there was tag issue I think. Thanks

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