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    Hi there,

    I would like the First Name and Last Name to show up in the search results as in our case it’s a doctor’s name. I have enabled extended content under date, and the information has been uploaded. I can see it in the list on the plugin. I even tried changing a field such as description to Physician, and it did not work correctly.

    I own the power upgrade and everything is up to date. Screen shot below.

    I’m not the best coder, so please be gentle. Thanks for your help!





    If you want to change the Appearance and Layout of the results, or map, or  the search as far as how they appear  you need the Experience Add-0n. 

    Since you already own Power Add-on you might want to consider upgrading to Premier subscription (best value if you intend to purchase both) which will include everything , all the add-ons and additional features only available to Premier members and provide you access to the Premier forum.  You can request a coupon for a discount off the sign up fee if you decide  to purchase Premier

    If you would rather not have to do your own set-up, design , customizing, updating of the locations plugins,  and keeping things running smoothly, suggest checking out the plans to see if it is something you might be interested in.



    Thanks for the info. According to the documentation for the Power Pack, if I go under General/Data tab, then the Last Name and First Name will be shown. It is under the pack I purchased. It isn’t mentioned that another pack has to be purchased. So I just need to know where the Last name and first name will be displayed on the map search results or a simple tutorial to make them appear. Thanks.




    I see the documentation page  you are showing and ,  The title of the page is “Location Imports with power Add-on”. What you asked was how can I make it show up  under the map in  the Results.   Where does the documentation page you referenced say this extended contact field  info will show up in results? I want to make sure the documentation page is correct and I do not see anything on the page other than those are the field name headers .

    Those are the column header fields  for importing….when you create a file for import they need to have column headers  so the column header for first_name, and  the column header for last_name would be uploaded in your location with the other fields.

    Are you building a directory (list) or a store location map  and you just want some additional info to appear?  What you are trying to accomplish?.  If You want the Doctors names to show up in the map bubble, or somewhere under the results under the  name of the the location?  If so that is accomplished with the Experience add-on. The Power add-on does not say anywhere that I know of that it changes the appearance or what is included in the results layout.

    For instance , If you wanted  cluster map markers that is part of Premier,

    if you want results to order by A to Z instead of nearest , that is a setting in the experience Add-on. If you want a discrete search, ditto Experience. Ifthat will appear when you have Experience add-onm you want to change the way the base storelocator plus Results are displayed and you do not see the plugin style showing it that way, you change the layout


    Anything extra, as in not in the built in free base Store Locator Plus plugin , but involves Appearance or layout, i.e the  Front end that a site visitor sees, that is part of Experience Add-on. You can change what is shown in results under the results layout and by moving lines of shortcodes around under Results ,layout,

    if you want to change how the search form appears, as in you want it to be search by location and then by zip, that is part of Experience Search Layout.  If you want to change what appears in the map bubble, that is part of Experience Add-on..

    If it involves  data fields, loading data, importing data, taxonomy of data, SEO pages,  i.e. the “back end”   then its in  Power.  Contact Extender used to be sold separately and was a means to add a “special identifier” so  an administrator could add internal  ids and additional information  with a specific id t for updates .  i.e. A large company has internal contacts and assignments for warehouses or parts…they wanted to be able to update a  thousand locations with new contacts assigned to that particular store or warehouse for their internal customers.

    You can extrapolate that data field now with a shortcode and  add it in the Results layout or Bubble layout or search layout to be seen  on the front end with Experience. See the Experience Documentation

    If you want a page with a directory, you can do that as well with a short codes.

    Example I just added:
    <h4>Anderson Medical Building……etc for a location.</h4>
    I added Last Name Anderson, and title DR.

    I have Experience Add-on. I went into the Results Layout and added this shortcode (html element)

    <span class=”location_name”>[slp_location name] [slp_location uml_buttons] [slp_location gfi_buttons]<br>[slp_location title][slp_location last_name]

    Now my results for that location is as shown

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