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    Hello WPSLP Community,

    i Have the Power Addon and i use the Contact fields.

    I need to insert a field into my SEO Pages, but in an iframe like that:

    <xx iframe src=”[storepage field=”Department”]”></iframe xx>

    The problem is, that the Iframe doesn’t work like that, because of the ” ” used after and before “Department”. So i have to put the whole iframe code(with a src instead oh the “department field” ) in a contact field.

    The next problem is that i can’t put the whole iframe code in the custom field in my Locations. I get an error at saving that.


    So my question is:

    Can I get the value of a contact field on other way than with [storepage field=”…”]?


    Store Locator Plus®:5.0.1


    +Pages , Contacts

    Premier:4.9.22 Version 5.0.1 in production


    Site URL:

    This Info Cached:1547192077

    Network Active:No

    WordPress Version:5.0.2

    PHP Version:7.2.13

    MySQL Version:5.5.60

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    The SLP SEO  pages templates and examples and the css and shortcodes to use are in docs here:

    and more info about the Power addon shortcodes for contacts are here

    Not sure why you would use  iframe with shortcodes, are you inserting a video?



    I have to insert a google 360 tour as an iframe. And because there is a different tour for each store page, i have to insert a variable as source(google tour url).

    I have over 150 Store pages, so i would like to import the data out of a csv list, instead of adding the iframe on each single page by hand.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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