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    I just purchased the Power Add On (I had Pro Pack before this).

    I want to make sure of the field names, I see some part of the website that says one of the fields is: “sl_tags” other parts of the site does not have that field. Should it be there or not?

    Also, where do I find documentation on what the fields are used for and how to use them? For example, what is “Neat_Title” and how do you populate the “Image” field? Also, can I skip fields I’m not using as long as the ones I am using have the correct header label?  I searched for the documentation for this product I just purchased and I can’t find it. Not a great site.



    As far as import header fields either or sl_tag or tags should work. The header rows that require would be sl_id.  We had to list the data field headers both ways because some people were and still are using old SLP versions.  Have you checked the new docs site? The you tube videos? Here is the use media libray youtube video , if you are looking for icon media.

    I do not understand which “Image” you are speaking of. Your images can be loaded into the WP media library and you would get your url there. You have not shown your plugin environment so I do not know if you have the Experience add-on and/or if you are looking for the “image until search” feature for instance. Please refer to the posting guidelines in the future so that our answers can be complete.



    Neat Title

    May be used in the future as an alternate store name or subtitle.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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