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    We recently purchased the upgrade, and I have followed the instructions for inputting the User ID and Subscription ID. However, the plugin is not changing to the Premier Version. I sent in a support email twice, but received no response. Any ideas here?



    I was able to fix this, however I am not able to resolve 1 more issue. The map color will not reset from dark to light. I also have this map on multiple pages, and need to “hide” the category instance on certain pages. I am not seeing an addition to do this on one map without affecting all the maps.



    Please provide the posting guidelines info required to answer you properly, a screenshot of your plugin environment is useful

    The first question I do not understand. Are you trying various plugin styles to select the type map you want  or using  JSON commands under Experience/Map/Appearance /Layout

    Assuming you have The latest Experience Add on activated 

    As far as

    2) hiding categories on some pages and showing them on another. This is not part of the regular functionality, I can ask Lance about that


    I have pages that limnits which categories will show but none that will hide all

    For example I have a page

    [SLPLUS only_with_category="entertainment"]


    By default “Show Categories On Search” will show ALL categories that you have created for your locations whether or not there are any locations assigned to that category.  This can be changed with the “Hide Empty Categories’ option but is only viable if the Enable (SEO )Pages  is active.     The reason for the change in behavior with Pages is because Power with categories and pages  use the built-in WordPress category manager.    If this box is checked off, telling the plugin to hide empty categories, the WordPress category manager will filter out any locations in the database that are in draft mode.   By default all locations in the database are set to draft mode, UNLESS Pages is activated and a page has been published for the location.

    Since it uses the built-in WordPress drop down categories builder (wp_dropdown_categories).  It uses the ‘stores’ taxonomy, which is the same taxonomy the Store Pages add-on pack uses.      The hide_empty and show_option_are all flags that can be tweaked with other options available on the admin interface.

    In the mean time I will ask the developer.



    Lance Cleveland

    If  you are looking to show the categories on some pages where you are show the map and results that is not going to be easy without some custom CSS work.

    You can create a custom SLP Plugin Style CSS sheet.    This is a CSS file that goes in the ./css/ directory of the Store Locator Plus plugin.   The header of that file is very specific and can contain rules for the various layout fields including the Results Layout.

    You could, in theory, create a custom CSS file for use on that page only where you set the Results Layout shortcode in the header and do not include the output for the Power-assigned categories for the locations.

    You can then use [slplus theme=’my-custom-css-name-without-the-dot-css’] to get SLP to use that plugin style file versus the new Style Gallery.

    You’ll want to make sure you retain a copy of that custom file in case you lose it during SLP upgrades.  SLP should store any theme file you’ve activated from the SLP Experience/View tab (that new file should appear on the drop down View selection after you put it in the right place) but if you are only using it for custom modification of per-page results layouts it will not auto-save/auto-restore.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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