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    When i deactivate the plugin the site works. But when its on, the screen is white. Before this, the zip code field was not working on iphones. Please help. I paid $50



    Your “next day biz support” order was just processed today. I refunded it and answered you via email.
    As far as zip code field not working on iphones it sounds like your theme or CSS is not configured properly. Try choosing another style,or try a responsive WP theme.
    I cannot get to your site because of the security protocols violations. So there may be an issue with iphones because ot that as well, i cant tell.

    Whenever you post in the forums or via email requesting support we always need a screenshot of your Plugin environment . In your email you only showed SLP 4.9.15 and Gravity Forms Location as being used on your site. You did not show that you were using any other SLP add-ons Power, experience or Premier) . We have posted in the news and in various forums replies that ALL DeBaats third party add-ons appear to be crashing sites when users update SLP to 4.9.15.

    You can try posting in his forum or writing to him, we have not been able to get him to update those third party add-ons that we were including with premier subscribers as a bonus to our premier customers. we have since taken them out of all new Premier subscriptions.
    Version 4.9.16 of SLP will automatically deactivate ALL third party add-ons. As I mentioned in the email, either roll back to 4.9.14 and earlier versions, preferably through a restore i.e. back-up site, or deactivate those Third Party add-ons.

    you should ALwAYS have a previous back-up to restore to since we do not “auto-update” any of our plug-ins, the choice is up to the customer whether or not to update. If you are selling things on your site it is even more important since the privacy and security protocols are becoming more stringent….

    Please refer to the Posting guidelines to see what types of information we need. More information is better then a limited “it broke” question..


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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