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    Hello. I’m attempting to edit my pages template, but my changes aren’t applying to stores that are already created. If I create a new store, then whatever changes I have made to the store page template show, but older stores don’t show these changes. How can I force all store pages to inherit the changes without importing the stores all over again? – this store doesn’t show the changes – this store DOES show the changes, but only because I created the store after the changes were made. if I make any more changes, I will then have to delete both stores and create a new one all over again.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Plugin Environment:
    Store Locator Plus:4.6
    Contact Extender:4.3.02
    Extended Data Manager:4.5.01

    Site URL:
    This Info Cached:1472563569
    Network Active:No

    WordPress Version:4.5.3
    PHP Version:5.6.24
    MySQL Version:5.5.5

    PHP Limit:256M
    WordPress General Limit:40M
    WordPress Admin Limit:256M
    PHP Peak RAM:54 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:50M



    As far as I recall, there is no way to update existing store pages.  You should be able to bulk edit and recreate pages (this will rebuild all selected pages as “New” pages).  Hope this helps.



    Hi Shad, Thanks for answering , that  is how I recall Lances tutorial on how to do that as well.


    you should consider upgrading to the  Power add-on which replaces Contact Extender, Pages, ProPack and Tagalong.  You can  request a coupon(s) for discount by taking a hosting survey.

    The versions you have now will not be updated ,in the future.  The SLP , Power, Experience and Premiere  will continue to be updated and are now version 4.6 . They  continue to be improved for faster processing , while using less overhead to maintain and support . There will be no further updates to any  Legacy Addons. (See FAQ in the docs on what replaces what )  There is a link to the SLP Youtube channel on the DOCS site as well…are a few tutorials on the updates to Pages


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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