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    I am looking at purchasing the pages add-on for Store Locator Plus, but I have a couple of questions first.

    1) Does the pages addon create proper schema for the information and location? Including hours of operation?

    2) The business that I am building the website for needs to have 2 different main categories. i.e. and

    Would it be possible to set up two different categories?


    Thank you for your time and help.



    Hi ,

    If I understand your question,( not sure I do, so let me know if I get this wrong) . You want to create individual store pages with their own permalink and have categories filtered within those store pages:

    As far as  hours etc that are added/included in that field  under the Locations tab ( where you would create store pages as well)  are part of the  Default Pages template pulls from your  store id info that is in the locations database. (See the Pages Documentation)

    The new Power add-on that is in pre-release will allow you to have different categories that work within the Pages with shortcodes. You can review the new documentation about that and see if that is what you re looking mentioned that is in pre release and that feature will be available with the production release later this month.

    Currently Tagalong can be used to create Categories and you can assign to locations, , search by category, have two separate pages in WP that have a short code “only_with_ category = “xxx”

    You might want to review the new docs site as well as the Pages and Taglong Product descriptions.  Power is in pre-release and if you  purchase it an be  tested on your dev site, it is never advised to use Pre releases on live production sites .

    buyers guide


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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