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    I am using two different parent categories for custom categories in locations. Is there a way to output these in the results outside of [slp_location category_names]? This simply outputs a list, but without the hierarchy. I need the parent category output first and then the child categories below it in a way that I can style accordingly (similar to wp_list_categories). Is that possible within the results shortcode?



    Tutorial here.
    Ignore the part that references Tagalong. That was the legacy add-on. The settings are under the Categories panel if you have downloaded and activated the Power add-on/

    Docs site for single parent and Hierarchy settings

    For results use the field slug. Using Extended Data Manager you can determine if its Boolean or text. You can manage which fields are shown, hidden, their data types, and other attributes of extended location data element via the Manage Extended Data Elements group under the General / Data tab.

    Since I do not know what versions you have , (Please always post your plugin environment per the Posting guidelines. Your plugin environment is under the INFO tab in WP SLP)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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