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    Hi Cici

    When nested in this custom pages list:

    [slp_pages style="custom" order_by="name"  category="Therapists" max_locations="-1"]

    …this shortcode
    [storepage field='pages_url' title='More Details' type='hyperlink']

    creates a hyperlink to the SEO page like this which opens in a new tab:
    <a href="" target="store_locator_plus">More Details</a>

    Is there a way to display the SEO page (field=’pages_url’) in hyperlink that opens in ‘_self’?

    I tried the following but no link was output.
    <a href="[storepage field='pages_url']">More Details</a>

    Here is my page:


    Ah I have found a checkbox for ‘Prevent New Window’ under SLP > Pages > Behaviour (see attached) and have checked it – but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference.


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    hmm, ill have to test it, I do not use pages feature.  of course with WP updates anything is possible.

    i will ask developer about this when he has a few. it might be something simple like reactivating or enabling. i know seo pages are draft until you publish .



    Thanks Cici

    It would be kind of cool to get this feature working on my site. 🙂


    I enabled  SEO Pages on my site and it seemed to be working correctly but I do not have some of the other unique settings you have been inquiring about.

    I spoke to the developer briefly today and because you have quite a few questions and you are doing some customizing  with your locations , category results and SEO  Pages set up  we thought it might be best if you  could send us an email through support email. at contact us  

    Just make sure you provide your plugin environment and the exact url  page where you are using the WPSLP plugin.

    This  way we can look at everything you are trying to do at one time and see if there is a conflict with any of the settings. Make sure when you write to us you provide the url that you are using SLP on and issues you are having and what you need it to do.

    .SEO Pages for Premier has had additional settings added in the past year  for a customization client  and the developer has written a few articles about those changes , so it would be best if  we were able to look at it together .  If one of these  articles clears things up for you let me know so I can be sure to add it to the docs site.





    Thanks Cici

    Sorry I am aware that I a heavy user on the forum at the moment.

    I enabled SEO Pages on my site and it seemed to be working correctly but I do not have some of the other unique settings you have been inquiring about.

    I wonder if – now you have SEO pages enabled you could copy / paste the Custom Templates example at the very bottom of this article onto a test page?

    Does the More Info link to SEO page open in a new browser tab or the same window (_self)?
    <h4 class="info-link">[storepage field='pages_url' title='More Info' type='hyperlink']</h4>


    Just to clarify what I am getting at – here is my page based on the Custom Templates example at the very bottom of the article above.

    The More Details link for each location opens in a new tab.

    That is perfect behaviour for the external websites belonging to the location listed.
    But not good for SEO pages which are of course just internal pages on this website.

    Hope you understand what I mean.


    There is a lot of info on that doc page but basically you need to decide if you are  going to have a list of pages, using it like a directory  (which it appears you are) or the map interface with search an address and showing results

    The rules for each are different because they are fundamentally different things.

    One is a JavaScript applet that talks to Google Maps and the location database.

    The other is a PHP + WordPress template that lists WordPress Store Page page types.

    Since you are building the more details as part of your custom seo page template You will need to try  building the hyperlink for More Details  using RAW data fields.

    This will not work:

    [storepage field=url type=hyperlink]

    [storepage field=page_url type=hyperlink] ()

    Instead  try something like

    <a target=“_self” href=“[storepage field=data.page_url type=raw]“>More Details</a> i


    For general education

    As far as the styling under View

    The gallery styles will have some styles that provide more control over themes and settings in SLP then others.

    Example the AI swarm is

    Primarily CSS styling. The CSS will hide various locator elements that will change based on where the map or SEO pages have been invoked.

    Selecting this style will change the following settings, make sure you have copied them to a text file first: Settings > View > Locator Layout

    (Sponsored by and customized for Akamai Innovations – results driven medical marketing.)


    Thank you again for your feedback Cici.

    I tried a number of variations on
    <a target=_self href=[storepage field=data.page_url type=raw]>More Details</a>


    data.pages_url (plural

    but no luck.

    Might need to add this to the wish list. 🙂

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