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    david davis

    I have checked with Google and api keys are good, can’t find the issue.

    Any ideas:



    This issue seems to be resolved at least for the link you are referring to in your post. i visited your site and searched and all went according to plan.


    We are getting the same notification. The maps looks as if they start to load then the Ooops notification comes up.  In the Store locator plus menu “Server” is not clickable. We can’t see if the verification code is still in place or add a new one either.

    Can you assist?

    I checked in the google search console and we are still listed as the verified owner of the site.

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    Brendan, You may have misunderstood what was going on with the previous post. Please start a new post and make sure you provide the details needed.

    Your site errors, using any inspection tool in the browser , Google tells you the issue. Contact Google, follow the link they provide you and add a payment to your API account

    You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud Project at Learn more at
    _.wd @ js?libraries=geometry&language=en&region=AU&key

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