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    Maxine Paynter

    Please see screenshot attached for plugin environment info.

    I’ve recently upgraded to 4.8 and on my homepage I’m getting a non-functioning shortcode ([slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”category”]) displaying just above the map when param hide_search_form is set to true. When set to false, the shortcode disappears.

    If I change “Settings > Search > Appearance > Search Form Tag Input” option from NONE to anything else, the following shortcode also appears: [slp_search_element selector_with_label=”tag”]

    The shortcode I’m using to display the map is:
    [SLPLUS allow_addy_in_url=”true” immediately_show_locations=”true” hide_search_form=”true” disable_initial_directory=”true”]

    I’ve tried numerous variations of the above shortcode, placed it in a template file using “do_shortcode”, as well as in the page content itself. I’ve deactivated all plugins to check for conflicts, and I’ve changed numerous SLP options to no avail.

    I need the categories dropdown to show on the results page so I cannot turn them off. On the homepage, I don’t wish to display the search form at all.

    Many thanks!!



    There is an update to Power and Experience pending (versions 4.8.++)  There was an issue discovered  with the  Power add-on and tags. If you have a staging site, dev site, or virtual site and wish to assist us with testing you can download the pre-release versions of the add-ons for testing purposes only. However, if not please check back later this week for the version updates. (Do not  use the beta pre-releases  on a live production website)

    P.S. As an aside, since you already have both the Experience and Power add-ons,  have you considered upgrading to the Premier subscription. If your add-on purchases were made within the past 30 days the sign up fee would be waived. If made within the past 90 days (or within the past year)  a coupon towards the sign-up fee could be offered (at the discretion of the owner.)  Premier subscribers have additional features, first tier support, access to the slack channel where they can see the developers development notes, chat with the developer and support team and more.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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