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    We use the Store Locator Plus plugin, version 5.0.5, together with the Store Locator Plus – Experience plugin, version 5.1, on WordPress 5.2

    We have a Google Maps API key. All the documentation I can find says that we enter this key in the General tab of the Store Locator Plus page, wp-admin/admin.php?page=slp_general. However, when we visit this page, there is no place to enter the key (see attached image ‘Google Api Key.png’)

    When we visit a page which uses the SLP plugin, I see the error in the console
    “Google Maps JavaScript API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError”

    What am I missing? If I change the theme in WordPress, we still see the same behavior.

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    The “expected” is indeed what you should be seeing.  if you are missing ANY sub tabs then the issue is not wPSLP but another plugin. Are you using a Minify plugin such as SMUSH? Some people reported that some of the sub menu tabs were not appearing when they used  that plugin,The way their plugin was written ,to minify, ,conflicts with SLP which already is compressed.


    If that is not the issue, did you copy or migrate your site recently? If so  you may  want to check your back up before you did that or may need to use the WP debugger and troubleshoot and check to see if the migration was complete and all your data tables moved over completely.

    For others who may stumble upon this support and not see what you are referring to , or think this post is about the actual API keys:

    Once you have that issue resolved:

    Look at the examples in docs:

    If you added referrer restrictions  (click on  that article and watch the video ) and also obtained a unique geocoding key enter that key under Google Geocoding.

    Read that article it should explain to you what the two fields “Browser and geocoding keys) are. and what the difference is.


    In the Docs Google API keys and WPSLP




    P.S please show a screenshot of your Plugin environment and provide a url where you are seeing that error?  Are using the plugin on a NAM , i.e. multisite?  I see that you downloaded the experience add-on 4 times which is a bit unusual in one day.

    If you do have a  Network-Active Multisite WordPress configuration , an active Premier subscription will be required

    if you still need help, we will need more info (refer to the Posting guidelines)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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