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    I have an issue with loading the map: after I added new locations, the map is not showing. I have come across some simalar issues on this forum, but to be honest, I am not familiar with java script and so on. I have added a sprintscreen, and translated (it’s danish) it says: “The use of synchron XMLHttprequest in the maintreat is out of date […]. What can I do to solve this problem. Am using the Enfold theme.

    Thanks a lot in advance for replies



    Hello Ronald,

    That message with the yellow triangle  is a warning not an error. An error is red and will say failed to load etc..

    If there was an issue with SLP you would not be seeing results..since it is your map it is most likely one of   your other plugins and/or theme that are probably using outdated jquery versions. This was a no-no when WP updated to 4.5.

    Make sure all your other plugins are updated.  You do not need to know javascript, but your plugin developers and theme developer should keep their plugins updated.  The author posted this blog about the issue last April

    The No Map appearing issues are in the Troubleshooting section. There is detailed info on how to debug to find out where the error is occurring.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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