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    Hi there,

    I’ve been using SLP for a while now and suddenly it stopped working. It no longer returns any locations and on top of that when I go into the settings there is a notice about some DDOS attempt being blocked and I am not sure why. Could this be the reason for the locations not showing up?
    In addition, I have been told not to update wordpress due to some custom code and therefore have not updated SLP. So that is why the version of WP and SLP are probably behind the current versions (hopefully not an issue)

    The website is:

    I have also attached the screenshot of the DDOS notice as well as a screenshot of the plugin environment.

    I hope we can solve this issue. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Appreciate it!



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    SHort answer:

    The old versions you have of SLP and WP are no longer supported.   We do not maintain and cannot fix anything on those old versions . Only current versions are maintained.  We are now on  version 4.4.37 and about to release SLP 4.5 .    There were major security fixes over the years by WP. Running old versions like that are opening you up to Malware, hacks and all kinds of issues…your error message is not from WP    ..Sucuri is trying to tell you something.   

    Who told you not to update?  If it was a theme author or someone else they must be using bad practices in WP and should really get updated.

    I thought at first you meant not update to 4.5…but not update to even versions 4.4. of WP is dangerous and insecure.

    Read these:

    SUCURI found MALWARE in WP versions 2015

    WP3Supercahce vulnerabilities 2013 article

    WP 4.5 and why poor themes and bad jquery rules  are just plain BAD

     SLP author    also see in that article for  links to the WP support threads and other best practices

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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