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    After updating to the newest Store Locator Plus version (4.5.06), the map no longer shows, and just leaves a blank white screen (screenshot attached).

    I’m using:

    • Avada Theme 3.7.3
    • WordPress 4.5.2
    • Store Locator Plus 4.5.06

    I’m using the plugin in another theme, and it works perfectly, so I changed my theme back to TwentySixteen, and the plugin is working great – is the newest update now incompatible with the Avada theme? Is there a fix for this?



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    Hi Duane,


    No SLP is not incompatible , but there are themes that did not use the latest jquery versions that are REQUIRED by WP and will cause all types of issues. SLP uses jquery v1.12.xx or higher and uses the WP best practices in development. SLP  uses and is heavily reliant on proper loading of javascript.

    Lance wrote a post about it here.

    Word Press stated in their (now closed) support master file  that many themes that were  not using best practices and noted certain themes with known issues. …you should request the theme author to get on the ball and update if  they are one of those..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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