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    I’m trying to add a new (single) location manually. After adding, it says “Inactive. Geocode to activate.” So, I select the location and “geocode selected” and am met with the following error: “Address [the address] hit the Google query limit…”

    I set retries to the max 7 within the SLP plugin settings. Still no luck.

    I’ve also uploaded

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    Have you established a billing account with Google? Did you set up query limits? This ius a question for google support I believe.

    Your screenshot from Google explains what to do about query limits,follow the link and adjust your account accordingly.

    We have no control over the Google geocoding API limits or your billing account.
    Someone on your end must have set limits to the Google billing account as it applies to Google query at some point in time.

    See the various support articles and process in the google developers console

    they say”””Requests per Day (QPD) limits have ended, effective June 11, 2018
    For Existing Customers:

    If you are an existing customer (using the Google Maps Platform before June 11, 2018), you were billed under the previous pay-as-you-go pricing until July 16, 2018.
    Note: Starting on June 11, 2018, Google began to roll out the removal of the default QPD limits on existing billing accounts. This process may take up to six weeks.
    If you rely on the default QPD limits to help you manage your cost of use, we recommend you set your own daily limits in the Google Cloud Platform Console, to override the default QPD limits set by Google. This will ensure that your preferred QPD limits remain in place.”

    If you follow the links in the MAPS API platform I found this info to be helpful:6, 2018. For more information, check out the Guide for Existing Users.
    Geocoding API Usage and Billing
    Pricing and Billing Changes
    was billed under the previous pricing model.
    For more information on what has changed, review the API-specific Billing Changes and the guide to understanding billing.

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