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    We have multiple Offices within the same address. For example we have three offices with different names, phone numbers etc., but the same address. On the map yoou can see the last entered of the three offices only, maybe because the pins are overlapping.




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    If I understand your question correctly, you have three offices that share the same address, as if they were ‘suites” in the same space. Google returns the latitude and longitude and with the SLP plugin, drops a pin (map marker) on that address on the map. Now here is where perhaps I need clarification. Are you saying the Map marker “info bubble” only shows the more recent bubble? or are you saying the results under the map are not displaying correctly? or are you only concerned with the pin?

    Here are some suggestions depending on what you need the map or results display to look like.

    One suggestion to try: manually adjust the lat long for each office by a small degree so that the pins will show close to each other but not on top of each other,  2) or you can use Cluster map Markers which will show that there are three locations for that one address. When the cluster is clicked on it should zoom in and open up the area to show the results. Cluster map markers is part of the premier add-on for WPSLP or part of the Enterprise level if you switch to

    Here is an article to help you with the first suggestion, i.e manually changing the lat /long
    Location position

    Another option that might help you would be to have featured or ranked locations, (Experience add-on) but if you do not have a preference over which result displays first that wont work  or Custom map markers per location.
    Other suggestions under What to Buy



    Note in the article, I suggest how to override the google icon, but the gist is the same, manually adjusting each locations lat/long just enough for all three markers to show up. If that does not work for you, only other suggestion is cluster map markers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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