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    Geek Town USA

    When a user searches for “Peoria” here, they are taken to “Peoria, IL”, regardless of the user’s current location. If a user lives near “Peoria, AZ”, the search area is still focused on “Peoria, IL”. Currently, we have a location on the map in “Peoria, AZ”, however the map focuses on “Peoria, IL”.

    I understand that a correct search includes “[city], [state]”, however our testing has shown that not all of our users follow directions as expected ^_^ . Is there a way to have the nearest “Peoria” returned in the results? If not, are there any recommendations you can make?


    Thanks in advance!


    You can use Location Sensor.

    (part of the Power add-on)


    Or you can have a discrete search with drop down cities (feature with Experience add-on)

    You can add search label/ instructions in the search form such as, use address and zip code or city and state for best results

    Google will return the most commonly used search name otherwise

    With Premier you can also turn on Show address guess


    How Google search works

    Geek Town USA
    • We are currently using the Location Sensor.
    • Because the company has 100+ locations, a drop down is impractical
    • I have added search label instructions, which should appease some end-users (but probably not the client, unfortunately…)
    • “Google will return the most commonly used search name otherwise”. This will be good to inform the client. I’ve done some other testing using “London” as a search term; London, UK is returned, even though London, ON is a much closer location. Per your comment, this would be the expected behavior. I can relay this to my client.

    I noticed a feature “”Search Address Nearest” which contains the option “Current Location”, however checking this box had no noticeable result. This sounds like the feature I’m looking for, but perhaps I’m using it incorrectly? Please let me know if this is what I’m looking for, and what I need to do to get it working. I’m attaching a screenshot.

    • Thanks!
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    Could you provide your Plugin environment when posting so we know what versions people are having issues with. Sometimes an issue has been resolved with new updates…not necessarily your situations but it helps others as well as support.

    the option : Search address nearest would be fine if you had multiple locations in the world and might be good for your example London UK showing whereas you didnt want to show worldwide….  but since the “current map”  means in your situation  locations in US, that will not help you.   f you do have locations in both US and Canada you want to use Worldwide

    A better option would be to show address guess…

    at least that way, the user can see that google thinks they mean Peoria IL and not Arizona and they might be more apt to type in Peoria AZ, instead of just the city.

    When a user is typing in an address on the address search box on the locator they will be shown a list of suggestions based on what address Google thinks they are asking for.   It requires 3 characters or more to be entered before it shows a suggestion.

    Or you could check off  “Address Autocomplete: under Search since you have Premier

    When 2 or more characters are typed in the address input, show input suggestions based on location data. ( but this is primarily  for zip codes )

    None (default) – do not suggest address input.

    Zipcode – suggest matching zip codes.

    Formatting of the autocomplete not to your liking? Set the Search Form Style under appearance.


    And finally we always suggest providing hints to your customer what to search for by adding labels

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