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    I’m having trouble finding documentation to answer my questions about the extent of WPML integration / multilingual support and I’m hoping the forum can answer my questions.

    I have SLP, SLP Power, SLP Experience, and SLP Premier installed as well as WPML, WPML String Translation and WPML Translation Management.

    What I’m not finding documentation for and so far not seeing in the UI is 1) support for different search and results settings for each language (e.g. distances are calculated and displayed in mi for some language selections and km for others OR being able to set different search boundaries for different language selections) and 2) support for translating locations (e.g. if we have English, Spanish, and Chinese, we’d like the ability to translate especially the Chinese locations into Chinese characters when Chinese is selected as the language).  I was expecting the locations to be translatable in the same way that a post or page is, but they don’t appear to be, unless I’m missing something.

    Can you please tell me 1) whether these types of multilingual support are available and 2) if there is detailed documentation describing exactly how SLP integrates with WPML?

    Thanks much for your help!



    WPSLP is part of the  WordPress translate project.

    See docs for languages

    As far as WPML, the SLP developer has worked with them on multiple occasions to get assistance from their team when bugs or errors were reported.  They never fixed any of the issues we reported to them. They indicated everything was working .  Their support team may be responsive to you if you see anything specific.

    There is also  documentation dating back to   older versions of WPSLP and WPML

    GetText and WPML.


    Multi lingual technical considerations


    2) As far as translations on a “per location” basis, No that will  not work  the way the the WP translation projects works.  It deals with the back end.



    Thanks for your quick response!  The second link is new to me – that is helpful.  I had come across the third link, which is partially why I’m confused by the functionality that I see (or don’t see).  Specifically, the article mentions:

    Some argue that street names should display in the results as they would appear “locally” for the sake of local navigation; whereas , others make the argument that they should be translated for readability by foreign users.

    This is discussed, but it isn’t clear whether it was addressed or will be addressed.  Can you confirm that this functionality does not exist and that there are no plans to add location translations?  Can you also confirm that there is no support for different plugin settings (e.g. miles vs km) per language?

    Thanks again for your help!

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    Those article were written some time ago, . According to the Google MAPS API platform the geocoding APi  should address that.  At least thats what they posted in Nov 2014 here

    Now that Google makes everyone have an account and PAY for every geocoding instance  or map view, they now have  support option for their “customers” . Although the WPSLP plugin  has fields for  you to  enter your own Google MAPS and geocoding APIS, you manage them and what Google geocodes is out of our hands for the WPSLP self managed plugin.

    As far as choosing km or miles, that is not a function of language and is not a dynamic setting. You can change it in settings on the back end to one or the other but it is not dynamic on the front end.  we are not planning on building any interface that would switch automatically.. While most countries replaced the mile with the kilometre when switching to the International System of Units, the international mile continues to be used in some countries, such as Liberia, Myanmar, the United Kingdom and the United States.

    It may be something you or a developer could code to function that way (not sure how)   but it is not part of the WPSLP suite.


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