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    I would like two alterations to the display of “PEMF Practitioners”

    1. Under the clinic name, I’d like to have the doctor’s name. I’ve currently listed doctor under “description.” Is there a way to get that field under the clinic name?

    2. The display of locations that automatically appears on the page is sorted by clinic name. I would like sorting by STATE first, and then alphabetical listing of clinic names. How can I achieve this?



    Add in your Resultsr Layout whichever column you would like the Description field to appear

    Slug: description

    Data field: sl_description


    <div id=”slp_results_[slp_location id]” class=”results_entry  [slp_location featured]”><div class=”results_row_left_column”   id=”slp_left_cell_[slp_location id]” ><span class=”location_name “>[slp_location name]<span id=”sl_results_description”><span id=”sl_results_description”>[html br ifset description][slp_location description raw]</span>[html br ifset description]</span>




    Please, in the future,  provide your Plugin environment per the Posting guidelines, This will help our support team to assist you.  I happen to know you have Experience add-on but not everyone on the support team knows what versions of SLP nor add-ons and therefore you would get a simple answer as in, use Power Add-on or use Experience add on. That would not be the answer you are looking for and others also would not benefit from the response.

    Your second question:  the easiest way to do the list by state first would be to use the Directory list via the Power Add-on

    If you do not want to try that you can also use the discrete search filter and have the search drop down by state, not showing results until a state is selected. or if you want the results to immediately show then you can add the Search widgets by state. 

    Third you can have Order results by Rank then Name A to Z. That would require you to rank your states alphabetically.  There are various ways you can achieve results . You can try these work arounds. Premier gives you the most options such as putting results in a table format . The more advanced  the layout requires some understanding of the html and css to best achieve the results you would like.

    If you need more complex solutions or customization you may also reach out to Cyber Sprocket Labs where a team of experts are available to perfect your site to your specs

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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