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    eazy 00

    To whom it may concern,

    We are trying to reconcile our Store Locator Plus stores with our live excel sheet that’s current and has all the updated info/stores.

    But when looking in the backend/admin of Store Locator Plus, there are stores missing. I went through both pages and they show nowhere.

    If it helps, please see the image I included of what I’m seeing.


    Thanks in advance for your time and help ūüôā

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    eazy 00

    Plugin Environment:

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    The image in first post that you provided does not provide info. (I.E what is missing? )

    We have no way of knowing what locations you have added using the WPSLP plug-in. (If you were a MySLP SaaS customer we could see the back end and  provide more detailed assistance)


    Do you have a staging or dev site?  Try this Since you have the Power add-on

    Export the locations to a csv file and convert them to a google or excel sheet.   Check to see if all the locations are there. If not  you could

    1) Delete the old locations and re-import as a  properly formatted CSV file. If you do delete all locations and re-import you will need to delete the sl_id column from your sheet and thenconvert to csv file.

    2) Second suggestion. Export   fix or add  what you need , check  that the sl_id is accurate and matches and use the duplicate update option under import.

    More detailed instruction are in documentation

    Again I would only delete on a staging site first. Always make sure you have a full back-up before performing any operations.

    Also we are on version 5.6 of SLP base plug-in.

    Export/Import locations

    Location Updates via Imports

    CSV File Import Headers

    Troubleshooting Exports/Imports


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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