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    Before upgrading my store results were shown by category rank based on tags. That was defined with a setting in the Experience tab under Results, two menus: “Order Results by” and ”Featured Locations”. Those menus don’t seem to exist in the new version (I’m using SLP and Pro Pack and Tagalong).

    I have the updated versions installed in my staging environment and the production environment is still running the old versions.

    If you do a search on the production site you can see what I’ talking about and this is how I want the results to display. If you do search on the staging site you can see what the updated version displays which is not prioritized by tag/rank.

    How do I achieve the desired result?



    Follow-up to my post…

    WP Version: 4.7.2




    You do not show in the screenshot anything with Enhanced Results or the Experience Add-ons, those are the only two add-ons that allowed you to change order by in the  results other than closest farthest…that hasn’t changed.  Enhanced results is legacy and will not work properly with newer versions of SLP so you will need Experience Add-on.

    After I saw something that was referencing SLP widgets…I thought  you must  have outdated Legacy add-ons but have them deactivated   since  I couldn’t  quite see what is going on with your site ,  I then went into our orders pages and saw you had  a lot of “pending incomplete orders”  but then did see a completed transaction for the Experience add-on  but it wasn’t showing up under your “My account/Downloads” page in SLP so I added it back to your account.


    Mystery solved.

    You must have purchased it when it was a renewable subscription which we have since done away with.  Now that I have added it back to your account, Download and update to the latest version and you should have all of that  functionality back.

    p.S. Since you have ProPack and Tagalong, and those are both Legacy add-ons ,  you should update to the Power add-on.  If you have Power and Experience the better value is Premier subscription. If you write to me in support and reference this conversation I will see what I can do for you on a discount for Premier since you purchased Experience already.


    I hope this has been helpful,  sorry for  the snag in your account.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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