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    It seems as though SLP does not work with Microsoft Edge or other browsers on Windows 10 DELL. Is this a known problem? Or something I can fix?

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    I use a Windows 10 computer and have not had issues using Chrome, Firefox, IE,  I have not heard this before.  Is there an additional layer of  security  with any of the browsers with Edge?  I know that Lance uses a test suite before releases that tests scripts with all browsers.

    What errors are you getting? What is your site url?



    SLP absolutely has to have the ability to communicate with Google APIs to get locations, so  you might want to read up on the Microsoft edge info and support page  to see if you need to enable cookies etc. I know when using Avast browser I am constantly getting messages from google to enable cookies, and to change configuration etc.  So if I had to guess I would start there.  i you provide your site url I may be able to look for errors.

    . The WordPress Store Locator Plus map rendering is managed by the slp.js JavaScript file.  It sets up the communication with the built-in WordPress AJAX handler, admin-ajax.   Your server must be setup to allow the built-in WordPress AJAX handler to execute.  Additionally, ANY PLUGIN or THEME that is breaking javascript will break SLP functionality. This is rarely an issue with the SLP plugin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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