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    I’m experiencing a strange behavior when selecting the max number of locations to show initially. Selcting 94 is focus on a range area, 95 i see none, 96 i see the entire worldmap twice.
    Is it somehing that someone experience before ?

    I’m surprise that changing these settings change complety the map.

    My goal is to have focused on a range area initailly, but be capable to see others locations further.

    I’ll be pleased to have some feedbacks.




    Could you please provide the information requested in the Posting Guidelines so that we can better advise you. A screenshot of your Plugin Environment is most useful as well as  your site url that has the location Search page is helpful.

    Check your Map zoom adjustments and center map at

    Also there are results area to search, the radius and the amount to show.

    See also Radius behavior and results documentation

    I do not know if you have any add-ons, once you provide the above info we can be a little more specific

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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