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    I have three questions concerning SLPs performance:


    1) How many locations can be importet into SLP before visitors will see a drop in performance?


    2) Is it normal for a CSV-Import with about 19k lines (3,9MB) to take 5 hours to complete? The geocoding of these locations took about 15h to complete after the import, is this normal as well?


    3) Assuming that 100K locations are possible: Could I still filter and search these locations without a drop in performance and without long loading times?


    Thanks in advance.



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    1) Large Import and  Troubleshooting should shed some light,  a lot depends on how many locations you try adding to one map, Google MAPS API functions and the time to draw a map will have a big impact and every time a map tile is drawn  it will hit your limits and will bill you accordingly.

    See the info here about large import , ignore the part about using MYSLP, there is no plan that would allow 100K locations

    2) Depends on your server, your configuration, the WP CrOn limits etc. again look at the Large import t  for more info

    3) I do not know, I have never tested 100K locations on my site as the bill from Google would be astronomical  to load and geocode I  cannot test for you

    Geocoding is responsible for 35% of the Google billing fees with the Google Maps API on most accounts.   Also you may be getting throttled by Google when loading that many locations to geocode   Unfortunately there is not much you can do to eliminate the map rendering fees.

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