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    Hello there,

    After the latest update of Store Locator, and the addons Plus, Power, Premier, Experience the map on the storepage is not showing anymore. We use this shortcode: [storepage map=location]
    Example can be seen i.e. on this storepage.

    Google API is ok. We run the latest version of slp (see endorsed screenshot). We use the latest WP version 5.3.2. We are running Divi (child).

    Any suggestions?

    Kind regards


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    note that Extended data manager may not work, most likely will not work . The developer of that add-on was DeBaat and he stopped updating them over 2 years ago so I would suggest deactivating  that one

    I am having the developer look at  your issue as I noted there were some errors on your site noting SLP EXP and Premier.

    In the mean time if you could check these

    • make sure the web server cache is cleared (opCache, minification apps, CDNs, etc
    • as well as the browser

    hi Frank

    The developer is working on the StorePage and Power issue. That is something new, Thank you for being specific about the problem. We will let you know when the Power update is completed. EXP and Prem have been updated for the filter undefined issue on those two

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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