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    J Joseph

    We have to import our listings because the data changes so much. When importing, not all of the records pull from the csv file as they’re supposed to. I’ve attached a screenshot of the issue. I’ve tried to go into the data and see if there are similarities between the ones that won’t appear the way they are supposed to.

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    Do you have a specific question?

    Please provide your Plugin environment with versions etc per the Posting Guidelines, there have been many updates and improvements and patches in past weeks. News release Updates


    J Joseph

    3.1       This has ALWAYS been an issue since we first purchased a few months ago.

    We assumed there might be a problem in our spreadsheet. We’re not finding an error there.

    I would like to know why each store doesn’t import like others that are importing correctly. In the image you’ll notice that “Kaleb” is correct. “Maxwell” and “Nelia” are not. It isn’t just places around Fishers, IN. This happens all across the map. “Hattie” in Broadway, NC for example.

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    What is 3.1? Is that a version of something? WP, or other add-on?

    SLP is on 4.4.30 and works best with WP 4.4

    Can you provide your Store Locator Plus Plugin environment (can be found under the SLP INFO [panel) and your site URL where your SLP page loads.
    Please read the Posting guidelines, without the info we will not be able to answer your specific question.

    The file you attached does not have the  correct Sl header rows.  In Your file on the first “header: row  the first entry is request date, that will not be recognized as an import field into SLP, having a  date format will also not be recognized and will also cause issues, the words in bold and italics will not import properly.

    Request Date,Store,Age,City,State,Tryke,Cost,Amount Raised,URL,Image,My Story,Description,Tags,Rank


    You MUST have the CSV file and field names in the exact order:  Base Field Names

    These are the fields provided by Store Locator Plus that can be imported by the CSV file.   The header field names should be entered exactly as listed below:    Items with two options can use either option, the faster processing option is listed first.

    sl_id , id

    sl_store , store

    sl_address , address

    sl_address2 , address2

    sl_city , city

    sl_state, state

    sl_zip , zip

    sl_country , country

    sl_latitude , latitude

    sl_longitude, longitude












    If you are looking for specific instructions on Import and CSV file formatting you can find the info here.



    Please note that you can add extended data but the header rows must be recognized and in the correct order When you import,

    You probably want to enable Extended Data Manager and you can add the additional information data there. With the new updated 4.4 versions as explained in the above (There is also a tutorial)

    Instead of trying to change the import data columns to get the results you want to appear under the store (childs name) just change the Results Layout and add the extended data fields string. You can change the order under the Results Layout so that the extended data field “age” for instance will appear in a different order

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