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    Forums allow you to post questions, to help each other with suggestions and to provide you a mechanism to convey a possible bug to the  developers of add-ons.    It also is a place where the support team can direct you to a  documentation page.

    First, check latest updates , versions of SLP and the add-ons.

    • If you have a debug log please include any error information.
    • Please take a screenshot of your Plug-in environment
    • Please provide your  site url page where you have the SLP locator activated

    Forums are not  the proper venue to complain about pricing.  The forum support team does not regulate pricing decisions.  If you have a concern about the price of an add-on, or want to know if your upgrade to a Premier subscription can be discounted,  please use the contact form under “contact us”


    There are thousands of users’ sites that currently have the Store Locator Plus Plug-in with Add-ons installed using  varying themes, PhP versions, hosting sites, each with their own configurations.  Without the information about your site, it is nearly impossible to ascertain your particular issues.

    Because of the many variations and uniqueness of each site, please do not add to another forum post even if the topic looks like what you are experiencing.


    Where to find your Plug In environment Information ”

    Posting guidelines
    As you may have noticed in our  responses  in the forum:    If you are requesting assistance from anyone on the SLP team for Support  it is imperative to provide the information as outlined.  Best method is to add a screenshot of your SLP/ Info/ Plugin Environment (not a screenshot of your site’s page or your WP plugin admin panel)  Add a new Support Topic with tags.  Describe the issue with as many details as possible.  Avoid posting images to show us what is not working.  Images can’t be debugged and do not provide useful information, we will ask if we need screenshots of your page.

    Support cannot identify issues or when something may have stopped working regarding your site, especially if you skip updates, or have old versions of WP, have themes that are outdated (or interfere with jquery).  There are a lot of variables to consider which is why we ask about the technical details and configuration of your server environment.

    Note: Please do not add questions or reply to this topic. Start a new topic for best results.



    Simple rules:

    Please do Not add to this post.  Start a NEW topic

    post a separate question ,provide your plugin information and url for your site , do not add on to other’s questions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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