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    Here is my site:
    I have had the old SLP for 5 years but they stopped the Pro.  I got everything working again with the exception of the fact when you type in the zipcode nothing pulls when you hit find locations.  The “distance” I can’t figure out where it’s coming from….. even when I type in my own town nothing pulls and Tulsa is not 67 miles from me…. I cant figure it out if anyone has something I can try.

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    Please read posting guidelines and provide your version information.

    That site has  the wrong geocoding API and returning these errors

     Geocoding Service: This API project is not authorized to use this API.  For more information on authentication and Google Maps JavaScript API services please see:

    The initial distance setting is used by Store Locator Plus to boost performance when loading the initial map.  It uses SQL index on a numeric value to select a subset of data versus calculating values for potentially thousands of locations and then filtering based on the calculation.


    Your site is showing Tulsa Ok , so assume you have your center map at setting as United States. Google determines the Midwest as center of US.


    Current version SLP 5.0 has improved the communications with Google and has eliminated many of the over and over general “rety” geocoding settings so that Google does not time out.


    Looking at your site it looks like you are using version 4.7.  Sorry any patches that have been made regarding distance etc occurred much later versions as WordPress security patches were updated. We do not support that version of SLP. Once any security issues are known we MUST update our software in accordance with WP terms and best practices.


    You can scroll through the many pages under NEWS for information included with each release and also notices about Google API changes.

    Consider signing up for news or peruse through the many pages in News regarding these releases

    And over a year ago important patches and updates were announced

     Another News example  regarding the WP update to 4.8.2 requiring SLP update.

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