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    This is a new issue I’ve not had before. On iPhones, three locations show right away without doing anything. I do not want any locations to show unless a user makes an actual search by entering a city/state or zip. This does not happen on other devices – but now locations show just by hitting “enter” or “find locations” without entering a city/state or zip. I’ve attached a screenshot of the current settings I have for the results tab. I’ve tried different variations with no luck.  Apparently I’m not doing something right. Please help.

    I’m running SLP 5.2.11, Power 5.2.5, Premier 5.2.11, Experience 5.2.11 on the latest version of WordPress (5.2.4) on the H-Code theme.

    Thank you.

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    Christian , What are your settings under Search? radius Behavior? The third option is “Use only when address is entered – ignore unless user typed an address.Useful when city, state, country discrete selector is in use.
    View the documentation for Radius Behavior.”

    Are you using Location sensor?

    I cannot guess why it would work correctly on all your sites but not on the iphone.


    My only guess is that the way location sensor is working with the latest update of Iphone may have changed on the device GPS end, but it is only a guess.


    <span style=”color: #5a5b5c; font-family: ‘Open Sans’, ‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;”>”Are you using Location sensor?”</span>

    I don’t know what you mean by this – where is this located? Maybe this is what’s causing the issue. I’ve tried your other suggestions with no luck. By the way, I wasn’t having this problem before the most recent SLP update, which I did within the last week.


    Location Sensor is under General settings /user Interface /under the javascript section.
    I do know that smushit creates a conflict with the behavior and showing the tabs in the back end so if you are not seeing location sensor or general settings that you can change in the back end admin side of SLP then deactivate Smushit so that all the tabs are shown in backend of SLP. You might want to check how everything is displayed after that.

    if this is your url

    when I open dev tools in chrome browser and inspect console you have 7 errors on that site, one is under the revolution tools perhaps they are causing issues with the display on the iphone.
    Also you have cluster map markers but are using the category checkbox method. I am trying to recall if there was a conflict with how that works with the category selectors.

    There is nothing changed in our plugin that I am aware of that would render a site not displaying using an iphone as opposed to opening in any other browser,

    . WordPress auto updated as well to version 5.2.4.

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