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    Elizabeth Marie

    I built a site using the plugin several years ago:

    Recently, my client realized that some of the entries don’t show up in the admin Locations list. However, they do appear when you search.

    In digging, I realized that a whole part of the alphabet is omitted from the Locations list. It skips from I to R.

    I don’t manage the site, so I’m not positive what changes have been made.

    Any ideas?

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    They posted in forums  as well.   I have no idea what versions they are using nor anything about their WP admin.  In the future please follow the posting guidelines and provide a screenshot of the SLP plug-in environment.  The screenshot you are showing  does not provide any information to assist you.

    BUT….a clue,

    If you open their url using any browser tools and  look at their site  inspect console have 134 warnings about Mixed content. This suggests that their site was not migrated correctly.  

    This can cause issues in back end and front end, or it is possible not all their data and  locations were migrated to the new site.

    See the article in docs site




    For what it’s worth, we have the exact same thing happening on the admin side, version 5.5.9, except it’s the letter “C” that’s missing.  If you filter by searching for the letter “C”, the entries in question do appear on the admin side, and they appear on the front-end of the site without issue – it’s just on the default location list in that comes up in wp-admin that they’re missing.


    I have never experienced that and no one has reported this so I honestly cannot identify your issue.    The normal default for the list is by sl_id . This is usually the order they were added and assigned an id.  If you click on the name header in the admin panel column they should sort alphabetically.

    Since I cannot reproduce it on my end I  do not know what to tell you.



    Please refrain from adding to someones  post unless you have a suggestion solution or  patch. Everyone has different WordPress versions and settings.   I thought I was replying to Elizabeth or she was replying to us with her versions or it was the same customer with the tech person answering.




    Is this the site you say is missing locations in alphabet?


    If so you have same issue, the site was not correctly migrated.  You have a ton of errors in that site. Including Mixed content (se docs).  Having errors when migrating sites can cause plug-ins to act up. Store locator Plus uses Javascript.    you may need to troubleshoot and see if some of the tables in the database were not migrated completely


    You Console errors with themes as well as some of your Google APIS are still showing up. You need to resolve .

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